30 April 2010

A Glimpse

Watercolors on daddy's day off.


{Inspired by Soulemama}



nina said...

Hope Grandma gets one of those masterpieces. Hair is looking good and wouldn't I love to just crouch down like that for any length of time!

Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

Not to totally creep you out or anything, but I had a vivid dream last night that I met up with you, N8tron and Z-cakes in a park. It was super fun (and you had a cute outfit on) and you were asking advice for a novel you'd written about a group of sassy women with different lifestyles who discover that friendship is the only thing that matters in the end. I woke up thinking that would be an AWESOME book and then realized it's basically Sex and the City.

Oh, and then you gave me some good tips about dish soap. And motherhood. Which made me really excited to have babies.

Annnyway. Weird. Thought I should share.

(p.s. I like Z-cakes' whorl of hair in this photo...what a doll!)

michelle said...

Great idea to paint on the linoleum where you have easy clean-up!

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