21 April 2010

Wednesday afternoon brain dump

:: I meant to write this post last night but I was too busy watching Glee and 9 By Design. N8tr0n is sweet enough to watch both shows with me and even tolerated my teeny-bopper-ness over all of the Madonna songs on Glee. Do any of you watch 9 By Design? I'm not usually a reality TV watcher but I totally dig the Novogratz family. Maybe it is because their life is such a stark contrast to my own. N8tr0n and I probably won't get around to having seven kids and we definitely won't get around to building and selling multiple million-dollar homes. I mean...maybe one of two, but probably no more than that.

:: I've also been meaning to THANK all of you who participated in my reader survey. It was so fun reading your responses and getting to know you. I hope I keep posting the things you like to read. Also, thanks for the recipes that a few of you included! I'm impressed with what y'all eat for dinner. And whoever was having cabbage + barley roll ups--I'm going to be needing that recipe. Thank you.

:: It has come to my attention that very few of you know I am a speech pathologist. AKA Speech therapist. So when I'm "seeing clients," or "being professional" that is what I'm doing. Consider yourself informed.

:: N8tr0n and I have been a little bummed ever since we came home from our vacation. I think it is because oh my gosh you guys we've been underemployed for freakin' ever. So I made a chocolate pie yesterday. I think things are looking up.

:: I have started yet another early-to-bed, early-to-rise campaign. N8tr0n and I seriously have the sleep schedules of college freshman. I often wonder if I'll ever be able to happily go to bed at a reasonable hour.

:: At the end of next month I'm going to the Casual Blogger Conference. I can't believe I'm actually going. Will I see you there?

:: Tomorrow is Earth Day! Be sure to swing by. I'll be posting a couple of fun green crafts and, you know, other tree-hugger-ish tips and musings.

Mmmm....that feels better. Thanks for listening/reading.



michelle said...

I was surprised to find out you were a speech pathologist. So cool to have skills you can use when you need them.

I'm always bummed after a trip. I need a vacation after my vacation, but no one else seems to make allowances for that...

Kami said...

I am loving 9 by design too! Aren't they intriguing?

I'm going to CBC too! It will be fun to meet!

Tiffany said...

I love your brain dump, glad you had chocolate pie, am committed to watching 9 by Design, and will not be at the CBC. Wish we could've met!

Rachel said...

9 by design rocks! Very fun show, I am with you on the sleep thing, Steve and I are ridiculous.....The only thing is I don't ever get to sleep in like I did when I was a freshman in college. This combination equals a nasty case of sleep deprivation.

Staci said...

I know this place you could stay while you're attending CBC. I hear they have yummy breakfast, offer soap samples and a cute little lamp on a nightstand in the guest room.

Can't promise you'll recover from sleep deprivation while you're there. I know at least one resident that would chat you up to all hours...

Seriously. It's yours if you need it.

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