12 May 2010

The drizzlies

I was a little bummed to come home from Seattle, but I figured it would be okay since Denver would be nice and sunny.

No such luck.

The weather here has been grey, cold, drizzly, and Seattle-ish (and not in a good way). Denver, your weather is breaking my heart. As a result I am feeling mopey, coldy, and very non-bloggy. I think I'll just spend the day crafting, drinking tea, and imagining that I'm back in Sunny Seattle.






Oh my goodness I almost forgot! I'll also be taking pictures today because it is the 12th! Will you be playing along this month?



Hil said...

Beautiful pics! Seattle is still a place I would love to visit some day. Hope you had a wonderful time!

Gail said...

Still sunny in Seattle - Wish you were here!!!

charlotte said...

I was on the bus this morning when I realized that I forgot my camera for 12-on-12!! Argh!! I resolved to take twelve photos on the thirteenth and call it good.

dw said...

Oh dear goodness! I did a double-take because that man (your father-in-law? sorry, I'm out of the loop...) looks *just* like one of our political leaders, Jack Layton:


Cassie said...

Sunny rather than sleepless in Seattle - I kind of like that!!

I scheduled in 12th today but I must be having THE most boring, uninspiring day today ever!

nina said...

Great pictures. For once the weather cooperated with you when you were there. That is a great picture of Grandpa and Z-cakes. That one if frameable.

michelle said...

Great pics!

I was surprised to see that the tree covered in apparently random knitting projects is one of the camouflage trees that are everywhere in Paris! I must be lazier than I thought, because I still haven't looked up what kind of tree that is.

I'm taking my photos for the 12th today!

Hannah said...

pretty, pretty. Seattle looks beautiful.

Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

GAH, homesick. Isn't Seattle amazing?

Exciting to see a familiar pool parent from the days of yore. :) Especially with his beautiful granddaughter on his shoulders.

emily said...

This weather is totally bumming me out. I want to feel sunshine on my skin and have potential for a tan.

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