07 June 2010

I guess it's a list for today.

:: I haven't felt much like blogging lately.
:: And I've had a hard time thinking of what to blog about.
:: Which, like, NEVER happens.
:: So I'm not sure how to react.
:: Except to write a list.
:: I can always write lists.
:: Apparently blogging is a habit now.
:: Because I open up the laptop ready to blog.
:: THEN realize I can't think of what to blog about.
:: It's probably because we are in limbo right now.
:: Temporary digs.
:: I'm trying to treat our stay with my parents like any other vacation.
:: But that isn't really working.
:: I miss Denver terribly.
:: Of course I'm happy to be back in Idaho.
:: I love Idaho.
:: But still.
:: I miss my friends.
:: I worry about making new friends.
:: Who will watch Dr. Who with us?
:: I would like to knit with Rachel and nuzzle Jack.
:: I would like to drive to the hospital with April to see Ella.
:: I would like to help Serin with a random project.
:: And babysit the Stamps' kids.
:: And eat some Sweet Action.
:: But that's enough of that.
:: End pity party.
:: Just wanted to let you know.
:: Keepin' it real here on le blog.
:: And now I've already thought of something to write about tomorrow.
:: Sometimes it just helps to start writing.
:: Even if you don't turn out a very inspirational post.
:: I'll be back tomorrow.
:: In a much better mood.
:: I promise.



chitarita said...

And sometimes it helps to read anything you've written - I'm happy I know you and that you blog about random things so I have something to read while I wait for a decent bedtime here.

Cassie said...

I love that you wrote this post in a list - it goes to show what a creative person you are Miranda.

I, as well as your other readers I'm sure, understand that your situation is going to be effecting you right now. I hope your 'funk' is lifted soon!

Sarah said...

I know it wasn't your intention, but you just made me more nervous for my move in August -- and I don't have that many friends here :)
If you don't want to feel bad - blame timing, its just starting to hit me.

Hannah said...

your granola looks divine.
so does your cake.
mandy, you have a fabulous personality.
you will make friends instantly.
your list posts are my absolute favorite.

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