08 June 2010

A public service announcement

Cake made at any altitude will rise much better if you actually include the eggs that the recipe calls for. (Ahem.)


Of course my dad loved this cake. LOVED it. It was gooey, under-baked, and dark. Just how he likes it. In a bowl with some milk. I tried (unsuccessfully) not to care that everyone didn't hate my cake as much as I did. Remember: Nobody cares but the cook. At least I didn't throw the whole thing in the garbage as soon as it broke coming out of the pan. Baby steps, people.


Z-cakes loves it too. Preferably for breakfast. But we've already learned that she's not that discerning when it comes to cake. Notice that I didn't even bother to take the second layer out of its pan. As if that would deter these these two chocolate lovers.

***In other cake related news: N8tr0n has asked for some kind of layered mint + chocolate cake and I have accepted the challenge. Do tell, have you ever made such a cake?***

In a significantly more successful endeavor, I made some granola.


My friends, I may never have to buy cereal ever again thus ending my long-time struggle with the price and content of boxed cereal.

Today Z-cakes and I are planning to chase the sun. It's out today and we have cabin fever! I'm planning to squeeze in a little crafting with a friend whose sewing machine is ready and waiting. Happy day! I'll share what I'm making later this week. Fingers crossed that I will be productive.

Happy Tuesday!



Jocelyn said...

I did almost the same thing once. I measured the flour wrong on a sweet bread recipe...yea...not so good. I had to throw it all away and start over. On a happy note, the granola looks fab.

Femme Facetious said...

Dude, I cannot even number the times my cakes turned out less-than-stellar (and people eat them anyway! Crazy.) Learning experiences, is what I call them. Or forgetting the entire 2 cups of sugar, once. Yeah...that particular cake didn't go over so well.

That granola looks absolutely delicious! Recipe, please?

Sarah said...

I totally know what you mean about cooking failures - I am mortified and my family still eats it. I am sure it was great.

That granola?! Yum!

Serin said...

Missed you at park day today. :(

That cake looks like brownies, you should've just said that's what it was. ;) And Nate's request sounds yummy too.

Greeneyes said...

A list for Miz Miranda:

1. At least you didn't throw the cake. Strong work.

2. Pick me! I have a mint chocolate recipe for you. It's not exactly a cake, per se. But you just might want to make out with it behind the junior high. Watch ye olde inbox.

3. May I request a blog post detailing the granola? I too have some grief with the fact that cereal seems to be engineered by gnomes with a blood sugar of 8,621 ppm.

Jason & Makenna said...

Hooray for your granola! We have been making ours for years and it is so fantastic...in yogurt, milk, with fruit, on ice cream....YUM. Yours looks beautiful.

Hannah said...

Your granola picture is making my mouth water. Are you sharing the recipe?

Cassie said...

Oh I love dark cake, the darker the better. Unfortunately my husband cannot abide dark chocolate so I very rarely have my way.

Can just imagine sprinkling that granola on my breakfast bowl of natural yoghurt Miranda - yummy.

Denise said...

Oh--the many times my mother reminded me that it really only matters to the cook, a fact I've had to remind myself of lately, as I've overcooked two of the most recent three Sunday roasts.

I simply MUST HAVE SOME OF WHATEVER THAT DELICIOUS LOOKING CREATION is at the top of your post! Now. As in, I-want-some-this-very-minute Now.

michelle said...

Well, this reminds me of what Grandpa called "The First Cake After Charlotte Died." Were you there the night I made the triple caramel cake and it totally and completely fell? And could only come out of the pan in large crumbs?

And everyone ate it and loved it and was looking for more. It just goes to show that Grandma was 100% right about it only mattering to the cook.

michelle said...

p.s. I wish I could have that granola for breakfast tomorrow.

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