03 June 2010

A list of updates

:: Our move was surprisingly smooth. We were miraculously able to pack up our entire house (including the composter) and after a quick stop at Target (because somebody {me} accidentally packed all of Z-cakes' DVDs making her portable DVD player virtually useless) we were on the road. We made it to Green River, WY the first night and rolled into town around 2:00 the second day.

:: We still don't have anywhere to live. We are currently staying with my parents. Z-cakes is loving being spoiled by her grandparents.

:: N8tr0n is commuting to work (To work! As in, he has a job!). He is excited to find somewhere to live in the actual town he is working it.

:: My irrational fear of N8tr0n going to his first day of work only to find that he did NOT have a job was fortunately just that--an irrational fear. I am happy to say that we did not accidentally move to Idaho without having a job.

:: I spend the day checking Craigslist and the newspaper for apartments/duplexes/houses that have three bedrooms, a private fenced backyard, and allow pets.

:: I have been really itching to sew lately. I suspect this is because my sewing machine is boxed up in the dark depths of a storage unit.

:: All of our stuff is in a storage unit.

:: My two best friends both had their babies after I left. One the same night that I left and the other two days later. I do not think this is one bit fair.

:: I have been really itching to do some paper crafting lately. I suspect this is because my paper crafts are boxed up in the dark depths of a storage unit.

:: Z-cakes has been watching a lot of Curious George lately. She prefers the one about the birthday with the pinata.

:: Was there anything else I was supposed to give you an update about?

:: I will be spending most of the day finishing up reports for my old job, updating my Ravelry, and answering questions on formspring (read: I will be online all day). Enjoy your Thursday!



eaumaison said...

Hey lady, I did the best I could to get him out before you left!

Do you know what would be great? If while you were updating your Ravelry, you took a picture of Z in the dress I knit, so that I can update MY Ravelry!

April said...

I don't think it's one bit fair either! I know Rachel and Jack and Ella and I are both missing you!! I'm glad things are settling in nicely.
BTW, I hope to see a pair of those adorable booties in the mail soon! :)

Hannah said...

I hope you find a home soon so you can get to your sewing machine and other crafting supplies! Good luck with that.

Oh, how I wish we were in your shoes; a new job and looking for a house. Maybe we'll get there in 10 years.

Staci said...

I saw this and had to share:


Cassie said...

Loved this post - it made me smile for all your wonderful recent fortune and all the anticipated excitement you have in the near future with your new home.

Anonymous said...

Hello, love! Anticipating seeing you in the near future because, well, I know where you live...for now. :) How exciting for you. Also, if you are wondering about houses in Brad and Heather's new neighborhood, I can give you Heather's number--if you recall she is also a SLP, so she may have some hookups for you there. :) HUGS!

Serin said...

I miss you. I'm glad Nate really has a job though. ;) Haven't seen Jack in person, but Ella is to die for. I visited her once for you. ;)

Did I mention I miss you? *sigh*

Kali Jo said...

hey i have a few phone numbers for apartments for you. Call me!!! 208-226-3131 or 208-317-3137.

Tiffany said...

You make me smile! Glad you are getting somewhat settled and that you didn't move without an actual job. Hah! Loved that one!

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