01 June 2010

Where my stitches at?

I'm scrapping the plan where I give you updates about our move. I'm sick of talking about the move. Let's talk about crafting. More specifically: Knitting.


Even more specifically: knitting giant cowls with giant, squishy, soft yarn and giant circular needles. Heaven. I don't think there is anything that calms my nerves more than knitting. We have to move in less than two weeks? I'm going to sit down and knit. Our house is a shambles of boxes and junk? Where is my knitting? We don't have anywhere to live? I think I'll do some knitting. Thank heavens I had the presence of mind to keep my knitting stash accessible amidst all of the crazy packing and moving. I even carried it with me to the movie tonight--a type of security blanket, if you will.

Want to see what else I've been up to knit-wise?


This is one of my favorite recent projects. I found a plastic bracelet at target for 99 cents! This bracelet is a perfect project for scraps. I don't think I'll be able to wear it much until next Fall because it is so warm...and that makes me sad.


Those of you who knit may understand why these two skeins strike fear into my little heart. Mohair is notorious for being difficult to knit with, if only because it all fuses together as you knit making it horrific to try to unknit any of your mistakes. But I can't resist, it's just so gorgeous. And it is going to make a lovely drapey bias shawl. This was also my first time walking out of a yarn shop with Rowan yarn in my bag. A milestone.


This little ball of colorful yarn is currently being turned into an adorable hat for a friend who is expecting a little girl. It is a soft cotton yarn that is so bright and pretty I want to take a bite out of it. The only thing that is funny about this yarn is that the color changes occur with a knot in the yarn. Weird.


This beret is patiently waiting to be felted, aaaaaand not worn until next Fall. Dang you knitting for being so seasonal. This hat has an entire post dedicated to it coming soon.


Finally, this lovely Malabrigo yarn was recently frogged and is waiting to be wrapped into a fresh hank. Any suggestions for what I should make with my "new" yarn?

Writing about all of these projects made me realize that my Ravelry account is in dire need of updating. Perhaps that is what I will do in the time between looking at rental homes.

FYI: I'm getting ready to start another round of baby booties. If any of you would like a pair, this would be a good time to speak up.



Cathy said...

Skein, frogged, hank, cowl? I have no idea what you're talking about but you sure do! I love everything. The booties are adorable too.

Hannah said...

Oh my heavens, Mandy! Those huge needles are awesome. I must get better at knitting so I can make some of these projects.

Good luck with all the stressful moving junk too!

Anonymous said...

I love your craftiness...maybe someday it will vicariously rub off on me. Then again, probably not. Sure love ya!

Sarah Stamps said...

All is right with world now. Miranda started to blog again.

dw said...

Ooh, ooh! I have an idea for the Malabrigo! I do, I do!

You wrap it back up into a skein and you put it in the mail out to eastern Canada and send it to your favourite craft blogger* PRONTO!

My work here is done.

*Uh, that would be me.

Sarah said...

I just learned to crochet and love it - so therapeutic. Can't wait to learn to knit.

Greeneyes said...

Aahhahahha!! Cathy literally typed the words from my mouth! And your mohair yarn looks sexy. I vote you knit a bra with it, but my knitting knowledge would fit in a thimble....

paws said...

Huge needles hurt my hands, but that is lovely yarn. All of it is lovely, actually.

That's weird that they knotted the different colors together. It'd be like getting a bunch of scraps in one skein, which is an interesting concept. Makes more ends to weave in, though.

Tiffany said...

I completely understand not wanting to talk about the move anymore. Glad you made it, glad you're back, glad your knitting!

emily said...

Happy happy happy start to my day.

jt said...

Crafting is a fantastic brand of therapy, and much better for your figure than my other go-to form...

Kali Jo said...

oh here is a link to some of the apartments i wrote about earlier.


Rentals Idaho falls said...

These are looking awesome and I really love the crafting as well so I found it to be fantastic for me.

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