22 July 2010

A day with no list

We bloggers love our lists. Am I right? We like to write lists, post lists, design stationary for lists, and develop systems for lists. We make books out of our lists, collage our lists, and have entire blog categories devoted to lists. We make grocery lists, to-do lists, wishlists, guest-lists, party supply lists, and "ways I can become a better..." lists. I, obviously, am no exception to this. I think it is actually one of the main reasons I like blogging so much. So many of you are just like me! And you write about it! And you agree with me when I write about it! Man blogging is the best.

Anyway, given my affinity for lists, I was shocked when a couple nights ago I sat down to write my, "things to-do tomorrow" list and, get this, I didn't feel like it. What the? I was deeply confused by this list apathy. My initial instinct was to suck it up and write a list, knowing that I would sleep better that night with the day ahead of me mapped out. But realizing that there wasn't anything that HAD to be done the next day, I decided that I would have a day without a list. I went to bed feeling partially liberated and partially terrified. I mean really, would I even get out of bed if I didn't have a list?

Fortunately I DID get out of bed and I DID make it through the entire day without making a list. I was actually completely shocked at what I was able to accomplish despite the lack of a list! Granted, I can't turn off the listing mechanism that is built into my brain, so I was always thinking of what I would do next. But instead of trudging through tasks just so that I could cross them off my list (yes, I get the same high that you do looking at a completely crossed-off list at the end of the day), I did whatever made the most sense at the moment. Sometimes it was nothing! Sometimes it was doing the stupid, stupid dishes. Sometimes it was playing "BOOM" which by the way, is when you sit cross-legged on the floor while your toddler falls onto you and yells, "BOOM!" and you both roll backwards onto the floor and then she helps you up and you do it again. A million times. Sadly, I rarely write, "play BOOM" on my to-do lists. I can't believe how much more I played with Z-cakes when I didn't have a list.

So will I be living everyday without a list? Uh, no. Once in a while is fine for me, thank you. I also realized early-on that I had to have a strict internet rule for my no-list day before it actually became the "day I read blogs all the live-long day." I just want to remember that while I'm young, and while my daughter is young, and while I don't have that many commitments, that a day of low productivity is a necessity. And a blessing. Do you need a day with no list? I think maybe you do. Let me know how it turns out.

Love you blogland!

***In other blog news, I just met with a crafty new friend who lives in my area, Jessica, from Running With Scissors! We had a great time at the park today. There was lots of conversation filled with: "I know!" "Me too!" "Right?" So nice to meet you Jessica. Can't wait to get our craft on!***



Hannah said...

Jessica is one of Sarah's best high school friends. What a small, small world!

Kimberlee said...

I'm going to add a 'day with no lists' to my list of things I want to do.

Cassie said...

I have been living quite a lot of 'days without a list' this summer so far and am actually quite enjoying it. In fact I realised just last night that I hadn't written in my notebook for weeks, which did panic me rather. But I think that summer days are especially good for 'no-list' days.


Love the new banner too!

paws said...

I used to be a huge list maker, but now the only lists I make are grocery and meal lists. I'm sure why this is the case, but perhaps it's because my life has slowed down so much that I've lost a little motivation.

This doesn't mean that I play with Rhea much. Maybe I should start making To Do lists again and put that on there along with scripture reading and exercise.

Brock and Kristina said...

I love the lists that you post on blogs and lists I find on-line. But I would go INSANE with a daily list. I would have to many panic attacks. I guess technically I have a 'mental list' in my head of 2-3 things that need to get done. Other than that, we fly by the seat of our pants around here and it works great (uh...most of the time!) :)

Jessica said...

I had a ton of fun at the park, I realized as I was driving home and thinking how great to have found a crafty friend, that you are my first crafty friend, and I'm excited! I think everyone had a good time except for poor Z--hopefully my kid won't be such a bully next time.

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