26 July 2010


This weekend we...

Took a little trip to Heise for a picnic and swimming with special drivin' drinks in tow...


Ate sno-cones at the Farmer's Market...


Scored an entire bag of candy at the parade...


Played with cousins at Grandpa 2's...


And played, and played, and played.




I hope your weekend was wonderful.

What are you up to this week?



Hil said...

Such great photos! I really want a Jones soda now... AND a sno-cone.

Charlotte said...

What a great weekend! And my weekend was wonderful. I'm more than a little sad it's over.

Cassie said...

Fantastic photos, I especially like the second to last one - what a cute little pair. I have a fairly busy week unfortunately as I would much rather have a quiet one.
Hope yours is good.

Hannah said...

So cute! I love that picture of your daughter laying on the grass.

Staci said...

My brother is a complete and total fink! He didn't tell me he was going to Grandpa's, but I'm positive that I recognize my niece and one of my nephews.

So glad you all got to play! And so jealous!

That Tyson is a stinker - but he's got me all sorts of wrapped around his finger.

Staci said...

AND - is Heise a renamed Indian Hot Springs? One of the aerialish shots looks like what I remember as Indian. Just curious.

Greeneyes said...

Love Heise. Does it still smell like sulfur? One of my best dates ever started out skiing at Kelly Canyon and ended at Heise, cuddling with a certain cute someone.

To Staci: Nope, Indian Springs is a place separate and distinct from Heise. Both are scads of fun and a little off the beaten path.

Miz Miranda: Have you been to Downata? When Z gets a little older, I think she'll love the slides there.

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