28 July 2010

More Kitchen Love

Have you seen the new blog from Northridge Media? They are the company behind some of my favorite crafting magazines. Their new blog is a compilation of what was once three different blogs, now combined into one delightful blog bundle. Here's a bit from their "about" page.

"Our Scrapbook Trends, CARDS, and Simply Handmade blogs are now combined into a single, one-stop location for all things creative. Welcome to create:, a place where you can enjoy videos, tutorials, challenges, hot products, and tons of awesome ideas, all the time."

Create featured my DIY Play Kitchen yesterday! It's quite flattering that so many people love our little creation as much as we do!


Okay. I am officially in the mood to make another one of these play kitchens. Anybody need one for a birthday or Christmas present? I'm off to the thrift store right now to hunt for furniture.

Be sure to add Create to your reader and get ready for tons of inspiration!



Laurel said...

Dude! That's awesome! DUDE!

I'd totally take a play kitchen. Then you can drive down here and deliver it in person. =)

Hil said...

You're FAMOUS!!! Congrats. That's awesome. I love your play kitchen. I want it for myself. :)

paws said...

I want one! But I think it would be more than a little difficult/expensive to get it here. So, I think we'll try to make our own. It sounds like a lot of fun.

We live in a Zoo! said...

Ooooo, now I want to make something too!

Gail said...

you make an awesome guest crafter!!... and I happen to know from experience that the cooking that comes out of that kitchen is amazing - even if the cook does go a little heavy on the pepper

Hannah said...

You are amazing. Love your kitchen!

nina said...

Yeah! You are famous. Your picture on the Create site is really cute. Good jub Honey

April said...

Wow! Congrats on being a guest on that blog, that's awesome!
I still want one for Adam's birthday in september and my hunt for the orignal furniture is still unsuccessful. Will you make it if I come pick it up?! :)

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