28 July 2010

Random 28(th)

01. Do you miss seeing finished craft projects on my blog?
02. Me too.
03. Z-cakes is watching Sid the Science Kid.
04. I'm not a fan.
05. I had an excellent thrift shopping experience a couple of days ago.
06. I should probably write a post about it.
07. But I should take a picture first.
08. It is cloudy today.
09. I should take pictures while the clouds are out.
10. Which is similar to "making hay while the sun shines."
11. Sid's friend Gerald is creepy.
12. I'm a little shocked at how much work the roses in our front yard are turning out to be.
13. I mean, I'm sure I could just leave them alone.
14. But they bug me when the blooms are all dead.
15. FYI: pruning is awesome.
16. Instant gratification.
17. Plus I get to use those cool clippers.
18. I keep thinking I need to potty train Z-cakes.
19. She's two and a half.
20. I try to tell myself that I'm just a big believer in child-led potty training.
21. But I'm pretty sure I mostly just don't feel like it.
22. Oops, clouds are gone.
23. Guess I won't be taking pictures until this evening.
24. But I suppose I could make some hay now.
25. I have three craft projects that are like, this close to being done.
26. Picture my fingers really close together.
27. Do you miss blog posts that were actually worth reading?
28. Me too.



Hil said...

First off.. I'm a huge believer in "child-let" potty training. Little Guy pretty much potty trained himself... I was the one not ready for it. It was easy peasy.

Second.. Gerald is definitely creepy.

Laurel said...

Also not a fan of Sid the Science Kid. Blech.

paws said...

Ha! Try to switch her over to Bill Nye. I'm a fan.

Any post of yours is worth reading.

Gail said...

@#27, I miss pictures.... but I still really like reading your blog!!

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