15 July 2010

Park Evening

There is a long narrow park half a block from our house. There is no slide, there is only a skeleton of a jungle gym, and there is a surprising lack of people there at any given time. What this park does have is plenty of shade, the greenest of grass, and a giant swing. The kind that you can get going really high on, even if you're in the baby seat.

So today when Z-cakes had tired of going outside and back inside over and over and over...or was it that I was tired of the constant swinging and slamming of the front door? I forget. Ahem. I declared that we were "having dinner at the park!" I speedily threw together a PB+J sandwich for her and shoved a spoonful of PB+chocolate chips into my mouth. "Okay! I get my purple Crocs!" sang Z-cakes, and we were out the door.


We had the place completely to ourselves. We both did a little swinging. Then a little eating. And then a little more swinging.


My "essentials" consisted of my knitting and my camera. I had spent a portion of the morning sewing, dreaming of sun-dresses for both Z-cakes and myself. I had renewed my resolve to learn to sew more clothing. But then, halfway through the day I remembered this adorable baby sweater I'm knitting up for a friend (I hope she likes purple!) and all thoughts of sewing were floating out the window. After a quick browse through Ravelry, I had dozens of new projects hearted and was making plans to knit Christmas presents for every person in my life. Sigh. Let's just say, my crafting urges are a bit fickle. One minute I'm scheming ways to save money for a serger so that I can make all of my dreams come true, and the next minute it's yarn. Yarn! YARN!! All I've ever wanted is yarn! Don't worry about saving money for a house N8tr0n, let's sit down and think of ways that I can get more yarn!

And while I was musing on my swinging interests, this little girl was swinging too. In fact, she was learning the essential childhood craft of swinging on her belly. All by herself.




eaumaison said...

You're using knit picks! Tell me all about it. Good? Bad? Which needles did you end up getting?

Cassie said...

She sure is growing up super fast in your photos recently! Such a cutie too!

We have no park in our village and it is such a shame because where I grew up we used to spend so much time at the park right through my childhood.


Hil said...

Adorable. Such great pictures! So lucky to have such a vacant swing set near by. That would be Little Guy's dream land. :)

Serin said...

I need to find a park like that! She seems so much older (read: smarter) than Brayden. I love that wispy hair!

Greeneyes said...

Lovely images.

Ack!! They took the SLIDE out? Park bullies took out the teeter-totters when I was in high school. : (

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