12 July 2010

Raspberry Lemonade Shower

As expected, Sarah put together yet another amazing party to officially welcome baby Ella.

April Shower - 04

How perfect is a pink and yellow shower for a little girl who has all brothers at home?

April Shower - 09

I spy: shower sandwiches, hi-hat cupcakes (courtesy of Rachel), and Giant Ding-Dong cake (courtesy of Denise). Definitely a heavenly spread.

April Shower - 07

Salad is so much prettier when it is in a cute glass.

April Shower - 08

April Shower - 06

And of course, Sarah never skimps on the details.

April Shower - 13

When I grow up, I want to throw parties just like Sarah.

Also, special shout-out to Steve, who besides taking all of these awesome pictures, wrangled a gaggle of children so that the mamas could enjoy the party! Bravo, Steve!



Sarah said...

I want to be like that Sarah

Serin said...

The only thing missing was you! :(

Nicolette said...

What a good idea to serve salad in little cups like that. I will definitely be stealing that idea in the future! Is it still stealing if I tell you about it? Hmm...

Cassie said...

Love the pink and yellow theme -so cute!

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