14 August 2010

12 on the 12th :: August (a little late)

I think that fact that I still took pictures on the 12th despite travelling home from a vacation solo with my toddler is a true testament of my devotion to this little project. Just sayin'.
12of12 _August10_resize

01. Goodbye baby Jack. You are adorable and look particularly jolly in this photo.
02. Also, I know you like me even if you wouldn't smile for this picture.
03. Goodbye fabulous pool with a view. We enjoyed swimming in you almost every single day.
04. Goodbye Colorado Monument. You are beautiful.
05. Hello Utah.
06. Hello Helper! (I missed the cool HELPER! sign so this is all you get.)
07. Hello wind turbines. You are rad.
08. Bored, bored, bored.
09. Hello baby Ella! You are so tiny and sweet.
10. Learning to play catch with April.
11. Hello Parker, Carter, Adam, and Creamies.
12. Watching Toy Story (Z-cakes calls is "the funny movie, it's not scary") before bed.

Learn more and play along here.

Also, this is my 300th post! So, that's cool.



Hannah said...

Are those the windmills outside of Spanish Fork Canyon?

I'm totally impressed that you did this while on vacation.

Sarah said...

AAAH! I totally forgot. I will blame moving... is that fair? I will put it on my calendar next week so I don't forget.

dw said...

Z-cakes has the most adorable facial expressions. Her eyebrows are the picture of perfection.

And the way she kind of bites her lips? GAH! It just kills me.

Kimberlee said...

I am really, REALLY going to do this next month. I just need to make myself a reminder post-it. Or thirty.

michelle said...

I am duly impressed with your 12 on the 12th dedication.

Looks like Z-cakes is getting more hair!

amyfm said...

I think it's great that your day included a road trip.

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