26 August 2010

Again with the cupcakes

I still have cupcakes on the brain as I get ready for Saturday's party. I helped Rachel frost these mini cupcakes for her brother's wedding reception. You can't really tell from the picture, but the frosting is a really pretty purple color--achieved after about a dozen "I'll add a little more red...and maybe a little more blue"-- so I doubt I will ever be able to duplicate the color.


By the way, I'm completely in love with my giant pastry tip for piping frosting. Am hoping to add a star tip to my collection soon.

What is your favorite tip for decorating cupcakes?



Crystal said...

I am in love with cupcakes! When I don't feel like making a fancy cake, cupcakes are the next best thing. I'm definitely buying that frosting tip today!

michelle said...

Lovely! I'm always in the mood for cupcakes, and since visiting the cupcake shops around here, I want to figure out how to make the fancy pants ones myself.

Hannah said...

goodness, gracias! I am hungry.

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