24 August 2010

This and That :: August


:: We enjoyed some cupcakes on the front steps after dinner last night. Now this is a tradition I could get used to. In fact, I'm already used to it. Too bad cupcakes are harder to make than ice cream.

Is it just me or are cupcakes a little tricky? I mean, assuming you refuse to use a box mix and still want that cute little domed top AND live at a higher altitude, they can be a bit tricky. This recipe (with the leavening cut in half) turned out beautifully today and was delicious to boot. Smooth rounded tops on every single one. Success. That recipe is going straight into the staples pile.

:: I feel like I've been crafting like a crazy person with nothing to show for it. No completely finished projects that I can stage for a picture and present to you on le blog. Instead I have four projects that are 98% finished. Curses on my sudden insistence that I have to block my knits. I keep wanting to promise that I will post some soon but, you know, promises promises.

:: Speaking of crafty, check this out.

:: We are potty-training in the Walker household y'all. Though I must admit that efforts of all parties involved is half hearted. Wish us luck.

:: I've been reading over a few blog posts from the past and pondering on my blogging experience thus far. I have realized that blogging has made me 1) a worse writer, and 2) less funny. Ahem. Troubling indeed. Though I suppose it really only sucks for you guys, since you're the ones reading. My apologies. I'll try to spruce things up a bit round here.

:: I went crazy a few days ago and started up a Tumblr account. You know, because I need another thing in my life that needs updated. Okay that's not entirely true--the Tumblr account doesn't have to be updated. It is basically my solution (and like, a million other bloggers' solution) for the insane amount of inspiration that comes pouring out of the internets each day. I wanted a place that I could collect all of the pictures that make my heart flutter--no narration needed. With the possiblity of a home purchase in our future, the focus is on home decor. Now if somebody who knows what they're talking about could take a look at it and let me know what the heck my "style" is, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking directly at you descendants of CJP.

:: Diedra left a comment on my post about the fair talking about how scary showing a steer was. Indeed, I have to agree. Even though I grew up on a cattle feedlot I was, am, and probably always will be, scared of cows. If you know me, you know that I'm scared of most things and you aren't the least bit surprised. I was describing to my dad the anxiety ridden 20-30 minutes spent in the show ring where, if your own calf was calm there was still bound to be somebody else's calf that was acting up. Then you had to lead your calf out of the ring which was the worst part because they would be eager to get back to their stall and sometimes fight you in the excitement. Then there was the relief of your father grabbing the halter. Then the sinking in your stomach if you placed in the top two because--you had to go do it again. Ahhh, childhood. The best part of these memories is that I would totally do it all over again.

:: It has been brought to my attention that not everyone knows the absolute best way to eat a cupcake. Allow me to demonstrate:


And if you're worried about getting your hands messy, just have somebody that loves you hold it for you.


Happy Wednesday. What's new with you?



Hil said...

Seriously a brilliant way to eat a cupcake! I'm also very in love with the style you have going on your Tumblr account. Once you get a name for it, pass it along. I'm in love.

Also, thanks for the linky love! My mom gets all the credit, really and truly.

Silver Strands said...

This is one of the cutest posts I have EVER read! That cupcake looks DELICIOUS and I am just thrilled at learning a new way to eat them! I've always struggled with getting the right amount of frosting in with each bite :)

Your blog truly is wonderful, I will definitely be back!

Jocelyn said...

That is how my hubby eats his cupcakes:-) And yes, cupcakes every night would be wonderful...too bad my thighs would pay for that!!!

Cathy said...

I've never seen a cupcake eaten that way. I learned something new today! Hooray!

michelle said...

I do agree that cupcakes are tricky. More often than not, I get flat tops that overflow their bounds and stick to the pan. I'm glad to know of a recipe that works at high altitude!

I haven't seen them eaten that way, but now I want to try it.

I am cracking up over you directing your comments to the descendants of CJP, a group I am so happy to belong to. I looked at your pics and I would say that your style is kind of cottage-y, but with a more colorful slant. Way cute.

marta said...

never known this most excellent way to eat a cupcake. genius. thank you for sharing. see, this is why blogging is so awesome.

p.s. sorry about that huge long comment. i can get a wee bit carried away sometimes. xo.

Lindsey said...

Hey! Someone else who knows the best way to eat a cuppycake! They look lovely & yummy.

kylee said...

loooove that you eat your cupcakes like that! i've been doing that for as long as i can remember! everyone always makes fun of me and looks at me weird when i eat a cupcake, but really its the only way to eat it. mess free, frosting in every bite!

paws said...

Your home decor style is very appealing to me, as well.

JMay said...

This is amazing, I will have to try it this way :-)

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