04 August 2010

Party Sneak Peek


Yesterday, I started my new career as a party planner.

I kid. Besides, I'm fairly certain nobody would hire me on account of them having absolutely no idea who I am + my lack of any sort of portfolio. But I did start planning a party yesterday with my sweet friend, Kim, and the entire time we were jotting notes and measuring tables I couldn't stop thinking, "man I love planning parties."

I'm super excited to be collaborating with Kim who, undoubtedly, is blessed with good taste. A quick review of her dishes made it clear that she has a collection of bowls and serving platters that is not messing around. Of course I should have known. Kim is one of those girls that just get that vibe from, you know? The kind of girl you meet in your first college apartment and you automatically know she has style. And you realize that it would probably be in your best interests to just copy everything she does.

The party happens at the end of this month so to keep myself from freaking out I keep saying things like, "you know, once we get these decorations put together it will come together really quickly..." whether I believe that or not remains a mystery.

As for my party planning business? I've decided my number one business goal would be to only work with super nice people. That way nobody would ever get mad at me if something didn't turn out quite the way they expected. An infinite budget would be pretty rad too, though I imagine that would limit my list of potential clientèle.



Gail said...

awesome way to share your talents with others, Miranda!

Hannah said...

you are so cute, Mandy! I love the list. hehe. You even have table measurements. Can't wait to see pictures of this event.

chitarita said...

I'd hire you.

Anonymous said...

I'd be a reference for you. :) You're amazing. And I loved the quilt post. LOL! Can't wait to come see your new place! Hugs!

Kimberlee said...

Now wait a minute, I kept MYSELF from freaking out by saying "you know, MIRANDA seems to think that, once we get these decorations put together everything will come together really quickly..." and now I read your post and my left eyes starting to spaz a bit and I'm feeling a whole lot of nervous coming on. Except for not really, because I've hired (err..um robbed) the best party planner to job shadow and the guest list is fantastic. How could we go wrong.


P.S. I just might come back and read this post often. It's the perfect little pick-me up. Those things you said, although we could never round up enough evidence to prove them true, made me feel like a million bucks. You're my fav Miss Mivanda!

miss Yelpington said...

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from miss yelpington xxx

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