05 August 2010

She says...


Z-cakes is quite the little talker. And by that I mean she absolutely never stops talking. It doesn't matter whether I'm talking to her or not, that girl is having a conversation with something or someone at all times. People are constantly asking me if I'm writing down some of the funny things she says to which I always respond, "of course!" I am lying. I hardly ever write her words down. And I know I will forget them You're totally right. So in a small act of repentance (both for the lying and the procrastination) here is a list of my favorite things that Z-cakes says.

When we're driving home she says: "Are we going to my house? My very own house?"

When Grandpa Ken walks out the door she says, "You going golfing?"

When she sees a grasshopper she says, "There's a hopgrasser!"

When I tell her to put her shoes on outside she says, "Grassa feel good on my feet."

When I ask her to say the prayer at bedtime she says, "Heavly Fader, thank you this day, thank you mommy, daddy, Zawea, bless the food, Jesus Christ, amen.

When she wants to do something by herself she screams "MY DO IT," and then crumples into a crying puddle on the floor.

When she bumps her forehead she says, "I hurt my twohead!"

When she is still crying from a bump she sobs, "Can you kiss it better?"

When she is still crying she says, "I want to be happy!"

When I get her up from her nap she says, "I glad you're here mommy."

When she talks to N8tr0n on the phone she says, "Hi daddy! Are you driving home?"

At totally appropriate times she says, "Boo Yeah!" only it comes out "Poo Yeah!"

When I tell her she can't have whatever it is she's asking for she says, "Aww! But I need my favorite!"

When I tell her not to jump on the couch she says, "But sure I can mommy!"

When she looks in the mirror she says, "I so cute."

When I turn on music she says, "I wanna dance. Get up! Get up mommy!"

When we ask her to sing a song she sings John Denver.

When we're driving to a play-date she says, "I so excited see my friends!"

When we tell her we love her she says, "I LOVE you TOO mommy, daddy."

We love you so much, Z-cakes. Thank you for filling our home with your sweet voice.



Staci said...

Happy birthday Grandma Nina! Did you ever think your granddaughter would be so adorable?

Hannah said...

It is always a little shocking when these cute baldies can talk. My daughter was the same way. She was talking in 3-4 word sentences at 18 month, but because she had no hair...she looked like she was 10-12 months.

My son, on the other hand, didn't talk at all until he was 2. Funny.

Your daughter sounds like a riot. I love that she says "Poo Yeah!" haha!

dw said...

"There's a hopgrasser!"????
"Grassa feel good on my feet."?????
"I so cute."???
"I hurt my twohead!"???????


How could you POSSIBLY keep a straight face with all this adorable funniness flying around?

This is GOLDEN! You need to actually record some of this in video format. Awesome!

Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

I just died a little from the cuteness.

Rachel said...

the grassa feels good on my feet too, and I have the cracked heels to prove that I have not worn shoes practically all summer....she is so dang cute, and she is a smarty pants too!

michelle said...

i love this. Especially "poo yeah!"

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