06 August 2010

Three Lists for Friday


List the first: Favorite Summer Meals

01. Pizza
05. Nachos
06. Fish Tacos
07. The Reuben sandwiches I last night

Honestly, I think I could eat these seven things over and over all summer. Minimal time cooking, healthy (except maybe the nachos), and easy to eat out on the front step.

List the second: Favorite Homemade Ice Cream

01. Raspberry
02. Vanilla + Oreos
03. Vanilla + Toffee Chips
04. Chocolate + Marshmallow + Almonds + Chocolate Syrup (drool)
05. Yogurt + Fruity Pebbles (not really ice cream, I know)

My mom gave us this ice cream maker and we were in trouble from day one. Ice cream is waaaaay too easy to make now. I can't think of a single day when there hasn't been homemade ice cream waiting for us in the freezer after dinner since we got our new machine.

List the third: In the coming months on Narrating Life

01. A few photography tips from a serious amateur.
02. Pictures of completed craft projects (I promise!).
03. A cake-making tutorial. Maybe in video form? Eh? Maybe?

What about you? Any summer favorites you're dying to tell me about? Maybe you could help us mix up our menu a little. :)

Happy Weekend!



Charlotte said...

Josh and I got that same ice cream maker as a wedding present! We can't wait to use it!

You Are My Fave said...

I LOVE summer meals. Grilled pizza is definitely our number one right now.

Emily said...

Okay, vanilla + toffee ice cream sounds amazing!

michelle said...

Just thought you should know I made both of those salads and the flatbread this week, and I am drooling over the ice creams...

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