02 September 2010

It's very....quiet

:: Grandma N came to pick up Z-cakes this evening. N8tr0n and I are taking a little weekend trip and thought Z-cakes would have more fun at grandma and grandpa's. We don't leave until this evening so I have big plans for my child-less day. House cleaning, maybe a run, a little sewing...I figure that will get me to about 11:00 AM. After that, I have no idea what I'll do. I am well aware that my life would be very boring without Z-cakes.

:: I spent yesterday making this loaf cake. Mercy. It was the perfect end to our end-of-Summer dinner. It comes out of the oven the most gorgeous brown-almost-black color. Paired with my grandma's bread pan, the sight almost got me teary. Jen, I am positive you will love this. I thought of you the entire time I was making it.

:: I also made the best bread of my life. Not exaggerating. It was quite a domestic day.

:: N8tr0n helped me make pizza the other night. It was simple and delicious topped with garden tomatoes hand crushed by my man, garlic + oregano + fresh thyme + fresh mozzarella + fresh basil. Fresh being the key words in that sentence. I couldn't quit telling N8tr0n how nice it was to have him in the kitchen with me. We need to do that more often. I really really like him.

:: I haven't stopped listening to this playlist since Alicia posted it. Isn't it nice when someone does all the work for you? I do love these brothers. I breifly considered scrapping the whole handmade holiday idea and just buying everyone on my Christmas list their new album. We'll see. If by chance you're new to the Avett Brothers (which I kind of doubt) I recommend starting with I and Love and You and then jumping to Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane....then just listen to the whole playlist. Okay. Moving on.

:: The ACTUAL reason I started this post was to tell you about my guest post over at Sherbet Blossom! Hannah has started a new series called "May I Suggest." She has gathered a few bloggers to share some of their favorite things each Friday. Rad right? I'll be there sharing during the month of September. Today: the deep dark secrets of my beauty routine. (quit laughing, I kind of have one!) Go check it out!

Happy Weekend friends!



Hil said...

No Z-cakes?! How lucky for her to get to spend the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's.. and how lucky for you to have some time to do things for you!

I love that we are guest posting together! I seriously have to try that LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Facial Scrub. I know my face would thank me.

Hannah said...

I love your picks. Do you order your lush products online? Or do you know of a local place that carries them?

Miranda said...

Hannah, when I lived in Denver there was a store in Boulder so I stocked up. Now I have to either have somebody from Denver mail it to me or go to a store when I'm on vacation in Seattle. You can't get LUSH anywhere but in a LUSH store or online. At least I don't think you can!

Gail said...

HA! I saw Alecia's playlist too, and yes, there was someone in this world who had not listened to Avett Brothers (well, consider my generation). Went to Grooveshark to give a listen, and which song did I select, but I and Love and You - pretty strong thought waves you must be transmitting!! About beauty - the soap from my felted soap is gone, but I love using the wool on my face - maybe should pair it with LUSH. Have a fun weekend, and don't forget... "GO HUSKIES"!!

Jocelyn said...

That is awesome that you will have some quiet crafting time...enjoy it...it will be over before you know it:-)

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