02 September 2010

Roommate Reunion


Did you know that my freshman year of college I lived with nine other girls? That's right, nine. Crazy? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely. Well, it was awesome the first year anyway. As I progressed through my education I quickly found that I needed to live with fewer and fewer people. But when you're a freshman--the more the better. If you are one of 10 girls in a house there is bound to be somebody who wants to got to Jack-in-the-Box at 1:00 AM with you, right?

One day while we were chatting about our upcoming high school reunions, Kim and I mentioned how fun it would be to have a roommate reunion. Say no more...we were making plans.

The party was a huge success. We had fun reminiscing for a bit, and then spent the majority of out time chatting about where life has taken us. And eating. There was a lot of eating. We missed all of the girls that couldn't make it. Maybe we'll see them at the 20 year (wink, wink).

Planning the party with Kim was an absolute blast. We had a very small budget--as in, "we have no budget, spend no money," so the only big expense we had was the food. Everything else (mostly) came from things we had on hand. I do believe I've found my party planning partner in crime. We were already planning two more parties while putting up decorations for this one. I'm not one bit kidding.

The details:

Pingg--They really have some beautiful options especially if you are crunched for time or on a small budget. Just be sure to have correct email addresses on hand!


Paper garland--I sewed this simple garland with scrapbook paper from my stash + a round punch. So easy.
Pom-Poms--Kim made these. Here's a tutorial.
Wood Skewers--Kim made these with wooden beads from her stash. They were a big hit.



Shower Sandwiches--I can hear you all saying "duh" for this one. I promise someday I'll throw a party without these sandwiches, but this was not that party.
Salad--Lettuce + Strawberries + Feta + Poppyseed dressing
Artichoke Dip--+ crusty bread. Delicious, Kim. You should share the recipe.
Cupcakes--another "duh" I know. But I don't care. I'm never going to get tired of them.
Chocolate fountain + treats for dipping--great for sauntering back to the table for a snacky.
Jones Soda--the look of this soda all lined up is so pretty. It just works.


Babes. Every single one of you. Thanks for coming to our party! It was wonderful to see you.



Hannah said...

oh my goodness. For a "no money" party...that's pretty fancy! Seriously darling! You are the party planning queen.

Jason & Makenna said...

OOOhhhhh. Love the paper garland!

Staci said...

I bet Bree loves that photo... So glad you got to get together with your girls!

Where did N8tron & Z escape to during the madness?

marta said...

beautiful. you've done it again! i love the color scheme, the pom poms and the garlands. and the fun soda pop. you continue to amaze. what a fun girl's party.

Hil said...

Loving the garland, pom poms, cupcakes, colors, soda... it's all so beautiful! You are awesome.

michelle said...

Man, I want to come to one of your parties sometime!

I have long wanted to make one of those paper garlands. Now I REALLY want to. Q: is it the kind of thing that you can save for another use or does it get too tangled?

Rachel said...

I am so bummed that I could not be there. I really wanted to come so bad, and now that I see all the pictures I am even more disapointed. You all look amazing, we really did have a good year that year didn't we!!!! Oh and I really miss those after midnight jack in the box runs, Jumbo Jacks just taste better after midnight :)

Tiffany said...

What a fun idea! The menu alone is killing me. So delicious.

ag. said...

TEN GIRLS in one house?! oh my gosh! i'm impressed!
this party looks like a lot of fun...catching up always makes for a good time and your food and decorations look fabulous!

Greeneyes said...

Wow...all that estrogen and you still get along? Amazing!

You are the fairy godmother of parties, little lady.

Jocelyn said...

LOVE all of it! You are awesome to pull that off without a budget!

Kimberlee said...

three things:

one. that picture is HORRIBLE! seriously. is that the best one you got! :)

two. party planning partner in crime...youbetcha!

three. it was fun and you're the best. thanks mivanda!

Jessica said...

looks like an awesome party!

Jaime said...

I definetly missed out!!! YOu guys did a great job.

Anonymous said...

yes yes, i did love those simple fun skewers! I am totally doing some even if just for my kids luch with mini sausages!! Thanks for the party I didn't want to leave (just ask Kim)

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