15 September 2010

Nap time brain dump

01. It's naptime.
02. aka: the time when I plan to get a bunch of stuff done.
03. But rarely do.
04. Okay that's not entirely true.
05. About every third day is pretty productive.
06. Today is a second day.
07. So...my birthday is coming up.
08. I have my heart set on buying boots.
09. I'm prepared to spend some decent cash on them.
10. Since I hear you get what you pay for when it comes to boots.
11. And I would like these to last the rest of my life.
12. Do you think that's overly optimistic?
13. I care a great deal for these.
14. And these.
15. Yes of course they're both from Anthropoligie.
16. No of course I won't be buying them.
17. Am open to suggestions.
18. Also--I have wide calves.
19. There, I said it.
20. I anticipate finding the right boot to be a bit of a dilemma.
21. Alicia just posted these.
22. I kind of want them.
23. A lot.
24. And did you see these?
25. Also want.
26. Apparently this post is just about me having the gimmies.
27. So while I'm at it...this too please (in gray).
28. I tried taking some pictures with our webcam.
29. Since it seems to be all the rage these days.
30. I totally get it.
31. Okay that's it for today.
32. Because it is nap time.
33. And I'm going to get so much done you guys.

Picture 14



Hannah said...

I was just at Nordstrom yesterday. (I know...not exactly the place a person in my position should be shopping...)

Anyway...there are some AMAZING boots on sale for <75. You should come down and check them out.

Suzanne said...

They won't last the rest of your life but I just bought a pair of boots from Target for $35. They look sort of like the first pair, only flat. And they totally zip over my giant pregnant ankles and calves.

April said...

Holy crap, I miss your pretty face! Your hair is getting soooo long, it looks fabulous!!!
Good luck on the boot buying :)

Denise said...

My vote is for the first pair--SO cute. I love it when you post these conversational lists! Your hair looks great, too.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

That second pair of boots with the bows on them are TO DIE FOR!!!!!! Ah! Now I have a serious case of the gimmies.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be uttering these words, but Jessica Simpson makes/designs really great boots. I bought a pair last year from Macy's and they just keep getting better the more I wear them. They were a pretty little penny, but I found them on sale so it wasn't so bad. I totally agree about spending money on a good pair though. Trust me it is so worth it. I've worn those boots in all seasons and I LOVE them more every day.

Kricket said...

Hey girl,
I am trying to use the 12 on the 12th template but I can't figure it out. Will you help me? Please e-mail me at barnumgk at gmail dot com.

steve said...

They're not "wdie" calves...

They're "Strong" calves...

or "muscular" calves...

don't sell yourself short.

Emmylou said...

You look incredible!

Kimberlee said...

I agree with the gang...you do look adorable.

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