17 September 2010

Happy Friday To You


:: A bowl of peaches with a little cream is the snack of choice in our house these days. Z-cakes likes her peach cut into chunks, I prefer mine in slices.

:: N8tr0n returned home yesterday from a four day work conference in Missoula, MT. Man alive are we glad to have him back. He's back at work today so I'm hoping to get the house cleaned so that he doesn't think all I did while he was gone was play in the kitchen and craft. Which I did.

:: I'm posting another picture of my roses. Are you getting sick of them? I just feel like we shouldn't be the only ones who get to enjoy them.


:: I absolutely love this and I want to add it to my growing collection of Halloween decor.

:: I just decided that Z-cakes and I are going thrift shopping today. We're going to check out a couple of stores that are new to us and I'm very excited about it. What exciting thing are you doing today?

:: My last contribution (That "last" part was a lie...there's one more week after this! Sheesh!) to Hannah's May I Suggest series is up today. I just realized this week's list is heavily influenced by my friends in Denver. And that the list may make me look like a couch potato. I'm 100% okay with that.

Happy Friday To You. Are you as glad as I am that it is here?



Hannah said...

Those roses are spectacular. They remind me of my favorite peonies! Your photography skills are fantastic; did you know?

And those peaches are KILLING me. (I'm on a no cream/no sugar diet right now. I think all you bloggers decided to show off the most scrumptious looking desserts over the past week to tempt me. Its a conspiracy, isn't it?) Peaches are my all time favorite food. I could eat them and nothing else and feel like I was in heaven.

Kimberlee said...

Those peaches were dang good weren't they? In fact, I'm going to get one right...now.

Erica said...

Two things: I want to lick those peaches right off my computer screen, and I LOVE your roses! Love ya!

Kricket said...

Did you get my comment about 12 on the 12th. I don't know how to use the template. I downloaded it but I can't figure out how to put my pictures in it. Can you help me? E-mail me at barnumgk at gmail dot com or call me 8 0 1 4 6 5 4 7 4 3. Thanks so much,

marta said...

ummm.. i just ordered FOUR of their letterpressed quote prints. talk about impulse buy. they are absolutely awesome. calligraphy and quotes and supporting the handmade?! my dream come true. thanks for introducing me, miranda.

michelle said...

I don't which I find more beautiful, the peaches or the roses! I bought a whole box of local peaches on Saturday and I am in heaven.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Your roses are so beautiful. I loved the last pics that you took also and I fell in love with your table and chairs. Now I want red chairs!

Greeneyes said...

Amazing roses. I'm so glad you are bringing them inside.

Re: your "May I Suggest"....I love that you are an Arrested Development devotee. It is like crack.

Along the same lines of clever (and only slightly less snarky) tv, I recommend Glee. Husband and I are watching it on the magic that is the Internet. It is marvelous.

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