21 September 2010

So very thankful


:: for these bright bowls that N8tr0n got me for our anniversary
:: for the raw oatmeal that fills them every morning
:: and for N8tr0n.

...for the chance to be a speech therapist again for a little while starting this week
...for being able to take Z-cakes with me to work
...for Z-cakes.

...for a phone call from my brother
...for a great conversation about his life
...for my brother.

...for lots of time to be still and think
...for the discovery of a new mantra
...for the opportunity to embrace what I've learned.

What are you thankful for today?



Staci said...

I'm grateful for your brother too. He knows how to brighten my mom (his aunt's day/week/weekend).

I'm also grateful for my brother. I wish he could get better.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I am thankful for yummy pizza for lunch, co-workers that make me laugh really hard and that my best friend is so concerned about me dying my hair red.

Charlotte said...

I too have found a new mantra, and I'm empowered! I'm thankful for autumn, my parents, my fiance, and chocolate pie.

jt said...

Thankful for that beautiful photo! And what is your new mantra?

michelle said...

Lovely! I made granola last week and it is now gone. I want more.

Share the mantra, please.

I'm thankful for Marc coming up with a MacGyver-esque solution to a kitchen problem that was driving me crazy. Also kindergarten and a new vacuum.

Serin said...

Do you eat the oatmeal raw? I've never thought to do that, sure would save a lot of time!

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