26 October 2010

Baby sweater complete

For heavens sake I finally sewed the buttons on this little purple baby sweater and delivered it to Baby E. while we were in Denver.


I'm so pleased with this sweater, though I am a bit confused about why the arms seem to be so incredibly long. Perhaps my gauge was more off than I thought? Yes, that is very very likely. Curse you, gauge.

I spotted this pattern on Alicia's blog and happily copied the white crochet border around the edge. (Alicia's precise stitches and perfectly smooth lines in her sweaters are amazing to me.) I wanted to put gingham buttons on my sweater too but the fact is I probably wouldn't finish it for another two years if I had actually followed through with that. And so, plain old white buttons it is.


I am happy to say, this looks adorable on Baby E. You'll have to trust me since I didn't take any pictures. She is a tiny little thing. But she looks stunning in purple so I have my fingers crossed that this sweater will last her two, maybe three winters!

Details on Ravelry
Pattern: b18-10 Jacket by DROPS design
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK in Eggplant
Needles: US 7

P.S. I have an incredible back-log of posts in my brain since I was such a slacker last week. Check back later today for more Makes Me Happy posts! Happy Tuesday!



Rachel said...

Really cute! I love it, the purple with white trim is perfect! I am glad you made it back okay, I was thinking of you when we stopped at Little American, hoping maybe we would cross paths.....Someday, I am sure we will see each other again :)

Hannah said...

oh my goodness. That is adorable!!

Cathy said...

Beautiful! I love the purple. You're so talented.

Hil said...

Adorable Miranda! I absolutely love it.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

You made my heart melt and my ovaries scream at the same time with that tiny little sweater! It's super precious. You did a fantastic job on it.

urban craft said...

i so so envy yout knitting skills. THis is beautiful. Cool pumpkins too. I once spray painted an entire pumpkin blue to make it a smurf without gutting it first. The paint caused it to explode, kinda like how you can kill a person if they are completely painted.
Happy Halloween!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, this sweater is so adorable. I am new to the art of knitting but one day I will make a cute little sweater like that! You are talented:)

michelle said...

You're killing me with your sweaters.

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