27 October 2010

Makes Me Happy 009

A bottle of gorgeous nail polish makes me happy.


Especially when it reminds me of standing in Sephora for half an hour painting my fingernails a rainbow of colors with Rachel.


Do tell, what's your fave nail polish color these days?

"Makes Me Happy" is a mini-series that will be featured through the month of October. It's purpose is to celebrate the small-inexpensive luxuries in life that bring a smile to my face. Please play along if you'd like. Embrace the everyday.



steve said...
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Kelli said...

Diva from Geneva by OPI. AND it was a gift so that makes it even better. I need to polish them soon. I do love a good polish as well.

Hannah said...

Lately, my most frequently worn colors are: Bubble Bath, You Don't Know Jaques and Ski Teal We Drop...all by OPI.

I have a gold color that I love as well. Mine is in the new Salon Sally Hansen line, but I can't remember the color name.

Staci said...

I just went for a pedi with a friend I'm starting to do a few more things with on Saturday. I was really hoping I'd get "Studs & Stilettos" or "I'm with Brad" - both Sephora by OPI. I ended up with a perfectly autumnal copper. Honestly. Love. It.

kylee said...

that exact turquoise color you used on one of your fingernails is my current love. but i'm always a fan of black polish.

Sarah Stamps said...

Shiny silver. Matches all my jewelry.

Greeneyes said...

I'm Not Really a Waitress Red--OPI
Ruby Pumps: China Glaze

Silverwinds Photography said...

oh I love polish like its out of style...right now due to Halloween and fall it's black and blood red! My little girl is also loving these two colors!

michelle said...

Love it. I have a grey that I love, a jade, and a sparkly gold. I just love having lots of colors to choose from!

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