22 October 2010



Whoa. I honestly didn't mean to completely disappear for an entire week. Obviously my grand plans of blogging while on vacation did not work out. I would feel worse about ditching blogland if I hadn't been having such a wonderful time in Denver. Ahh, Denver...I miss you already.

While I'm here: Big fat THANK YOU for all of the birthday wishes that came via email, blog, phone, and facebook on Monday. You all know how to make a girl feel very very special.

Happy Friday everyone! I'll be back on Monday. I have a recipe that you're going to want to bookmark.




Kelli said...

Happy Belated birthday!! I love birthdays. I would be a non blogger if I was in Denver too...what a beautiful place. Glad you enjoyed your trip. "See" you Monday!

Ben said...

That is a fantastic picture

Rachel said...

I am slightly offended that you drove past my house 2 times and did not even stop once, I would have met you out at a gas station and stood by your side while you filled up your car, just to get a chance to say hi and hug z-cakes!

michelle said...

I miss Denver, too!! So good to see you again...

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