09 November 2010

Giveaway: Fancy Tiger Needle Felting


I know you've heard me
talk about Fancy Tiger before. I suggest you get used to it because I have no intentions of ever giving up on my love for this fabulous craft shop.


Last month while I was in Denver I took a trip to Fancy Tiger with Rachel to check out all of the amazing fabrics and yarn they had in stock. I was not disappointed. Their yarn inventory has multiplied and every single bolt of fabric is irresistible. Plus I got to chat with Jaime, one of the owners. She and Amber are the master minds behind Fancy Tiger and when I grow up, I want to be just like them.

(this is what my dreams look like you guys)

While at Fancy Tiger I had to check out their new supply of needle felting kits. Have you tried needle felting? I bought my first kit two years ago and was immediately hooked, er, felted. Needle felting requires a small barbed needle that is used to fuse the fibers of wool roving together into a shape or sculpture. It is one of those crafts that I consider to be perfect for everyone. It is small, inexpensive, and has unlimited possibilities. All you have to do is be careful that you don't stab yourself with the felting needle which, you probably will, but it will be okay.

(Z-cakes couldn't get enough of their felt monster heads!)

I really want you to try needle felting. I think it will make you happy. And what a simple little handmade stocking stuffer! Fancy Tiger has kindly offered a Penguin Ornament Needle Felting Kit from their holiday collection. This kit comes complete with everything you need to learn to needle felt. I promise you will be able to make this adorable little penguin in an evening. However, when it comes to making enough penguins to cover your front yard, I can't make any promises.

The details:
One Penguin Ornament Needle Felting Kit.
Kit includes everything needed to make TWO penguin ornaments: wool roving, felt scarves, safety cube (to prevent the stabbing) one barbed felting needle, and easy to follow instructions.

{photo via Fancy Tiger}

How to enter:
Check out all of the cute needle felting kits in the Fancy Tiger Etsy shop.
:: Leave a comment on this post. Do you have a favorite shop for craft inspiration + supplies?
:: Grab a Handmade Holiday button and post it on your blog/website for another chance to win (please leave a separate comment letting me know you did so or if it is already on your blog).
:: Comments close on Thursday, November 11th at 10:00 PM MST. The winner will be announced on this post so be sure to check back to see if you've won!

Congratulations Sarah C. Please email me as soon as possible to claim your prize!



deidra said...

The penguins are adorable! I've been looking at wool roving and projects lately but haven't taken the plunge.

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I haven't found any local craft stores yet, so JoAnn's with a 40% off coupon is my go-to. Though a friend keeps talking about a yarn shop and I think a field trip is in order!

Suzanne said...

The sheep! The little white one! I NEED a little needle felt sheep! Although I sincerely doubt it's as easy as you promise, I thought the same thing about knitting (Oh, I could NEVER do that) and now it's my favorite passtime.

Which is why my local yarn store, Mothers of Purl Yarns, is my favorite place in the world. It doesn't hurt that Megan, the lovely owner, has a whole toddler play area so I can bring the kid and knit all afternoon. LOVE.

Sarah Stamps said...

My favorite quilt shop is Gracie Lou's in Salem, Utah. There has never been a better place to find the most amazing fabric. And there are so many choices!!!
Just in case you are in the area.

michelle said...

I'm definitely a fan of Fancy Tiger now as well. I bought some yarn and a a few pieces of fabric, but I wanted so. much. more.

paws said...

How have I never heard of Fancy Tiger? I think it would be my favorite if I lived near it. Unfortunately, I haven't found such a cute and well-rounded craft shop here. I enjoy Jessica Knits for knitting inspiration, though.

camillewells said...

Oooh fun! I'm always on the lookout for a new, addicting craft. I'm headed to look for yarn today, so I'll keep my eye out for needle felting.

In the meantime, my favorite craft shop for inspiration has to be Scrappin' Girlfriends in Twin Falls. Lisa and Michelle, the owners, are constantly coming up with new, clever ideas!

paws said...

Okay, I just added the button!

Staci said...

I'm gonna have to check out Gracie Lou's...
I don't think I have a favorite craft store. They all give me a little bit a something.

Hil said...

OH my CUTE! Seriously love this little penguin. My favorite shop is Porter's. I could spend too much time browsing that place (and have).

Hil said...

AND... I have the rockin' button.

April said...

I am for sure a Fancy Tiger fan, but in a more practical sense I am buying many of the supplies for my handmade holiday at Hobby Lobby....I know, I know cringe if you must. But I have a budget!
I do really love this felted penguin and I know exactly who it is going to.
Can I have my button count as double entry for this giveaway?! please?.....

Hannah said...

You know, I have yet to find a craft store that becomes my go-to place. I mostly shop online. I do love a little fabric store in Springville called Corn Wagon Quilt Co., but I'm still in search of a good all-around yarn and craft supply. Sad.

That place looks incredible!!

Brian and Kendra said...

There is a shop by my house that I love! It is mostly a fabric shop but it is serious amazing! I always come out of there with 10 more craft projects! :)

Rachel said...

My favorite place to and just breath it all in is Gardners Village. Especially this time of year, I love the holiday season at Garndners Village. I always take tons of pictures with my cell phone so that I can remember what I saw and figure out how to make it. Or have my mom figure it out and she me. She is so much smarther than I am!

Rachel said...

And yes, your button is still on my blog, and it looks very cute I might add.

Charlotte said...

Even just from reading this post, I'm inspired to become a real crafter. I currently don't have a favorite craft store, but I'm on it.

And I think that if I could make that felted penguin, I could be a crafter for life.

Just sayin'.

The button is on my blog. Done.

Hannah said...

Am now sporting your fancy button.

judiroso said...

I too am ashamed to say that Joann is my go-to place, it's the coupons...they get me everytime. But it would be nice to find a quaint little crafty store...I'll work on that! Love the penguin...note to self learn more about this needle felting thing.

Emily said...

Umm this store looks amazing! I am going to have to make the drive to Denver one of these days:)

Jason & Makenna said...

I honestly have never found a local craft store I love. :( How sad is that? I'm thinking this sad fact merits a trip to Denver. JoAnns and Michaels are my staples.

Laurel said...

I love this. I love penguins. SO CUTE. I feel incredibly lame saying this, since I've been here for five years, but I haven't found one in San Diego that I love. Some yarn shops that I like (Needlecraft Cottage, The Grove), but nowhere I go and marvel at the beautiful things on the wall and touch everything and just wander for hours. There's a fabric shop I'd like to visit that appears to have an awesome selection, but it's 40 freaking miles away. I'll report back someday after I finally make my way up there.

Sarah said...

Oh my gawrsh! How cute! I've never needle felted before, but it looks like something I'd quickly get addicted to.
Sarah C.

jt said...

I just wish they would change their name...

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