17 December 2010

Aunt Sassy Cake

Right now I should probably be loading boxes into the Subaru. But if I don't tell you about the cake right now, I'm afraid I never will.


The night before Thanksgiving, I baked a cake with my sister-in-law, Laurel. I should mention that I really lucked out when it comes to sister-in-laws. Laurel is the best. She knits, she sews, she bakes, and she has impeccable taste in music. Plus she gave me this book for my birthday, forever securing her title of "Best Sister-In Law Ever." I brought my new book with me on our Thanksgiving trip so that Laurel and I could actually bake something together instead of just talking about it all the time for crying out loud.

We chose the pistachio cake. AKA: Aunt Sassy Cake

I should say right now that I consider this cake a triumph. Not only was it as delicious as we knew it would be, but it was beautiful. First of all, we actually used 8 inch round pans instead of 9 inch pans, or square pans, or whatever was lying around the kitchen that could constitute a pan. Yeah, I've done that. Second of all, I actually cut the round tops off of the cakes so that they would stack nicely on top of each other. Third, we put on a crumb layer of frosting first. You know, all of those things that you know you're supposed to do but never actually do because you're lazy? Well we did them. We figured it was worth it since it was a Thanksgiving cake after all. We were so right.


Laurel and I contained ourselves within a tiny corner of the kitchen. The place was packed that night. GrandmaG + GrandmaJ preparing the stuffing; Brother-in-law+ GrandpaB making 1,000,000 sweet potatoes. We measured, laughed, tasted, and cut corners when we could see that Matt and Renato were micromanaging their recipe.


As I've already said, this cake is delicious. And that's coming from a girl who likes her cake to be dark and chocolaty. The frosting? Honey Vanilla Buttercream. A-maz-ing. I wish I were eating some right now. The cake was a hit with the Thanksgiving crowd and I won't pretend that Laurel and I weren't very proud of ourselves. It's always so satisfying to have people oohing and ahhing over your food.


Want to make this cake too? I'm pretty sure you do. You can find the recipe here. I would re-type it but dang, it's long. And of course I highly recommend the entire cookbook from which this recipe came. Matt and Renato, if you're listening, you're welcome to pay me in baked goods. Thanks.


Happy weekend everyone!




Jocelyn said...

hhhmmmm honey vanilla buttercream sounds very tasty! I need to try that:-)

Rachel said...

That cake looks absolutely lovely. I love pistachios and so do my kids. I may have to make this one.

michelle said...

Holy cow. That looks so amazing! I want some right NOW.

Laurel said...

This was the best cake ever. It left me wanting to bake another cake. Maybe I'll make an attempt on my own for Christmas.

Cassie said...

Oh Miranda, I would say I am of the same camp when it comes to cake - chocolate is best but this cake may very well make me reconsider! It looks heavenly.

PS: Hope the move went smoothly.

Sarah said...

That sounds delicious! Can't wait to try it!

katskraps4kids said...

that really is so simple an elegnt and BEAUTIFUL! Looks like it was yummy too!

Hannah said...

Holy cow, Miranda! I am amazed at your skills! That cake sounds delicious and looks incredible!

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