16 December 2010

Last night + this morning


This little girl.
Talking incessantly about telling Santa what she wants for Christmas yet still a bit unsure of the man himself. Last night we drove to the closest town with a decent mall for a little family date. We started with dinner and then headed over to see Santa. Lucky us—we arrived when there was virtually no line. As Z-cakes and I approached the big man I could feel her starting to resist against my leg. When I asked if she wanted to sit on his lap she said, "No thanks. I think I need to stay right here."


We finally talked her into sitting on the bench next to Santa.

Mr. Claus: And what would you like for Chri-
Z-cakes: A pillow pet.
Mr Claus: Oh! A pillow pet. Which one would you like? There's a fr-
Z-cakes: The ladybug.
Mr. Claus: Okay. And have you been a good lit-
Z-Cakes: Yes.


Obviously she had been rehearsing this exchange in her mind. In the end, Santa scored big points by giving her a coloring book and complimenting her light-up shoes. She gave him five but the lap was a no-go. I declared the interaction a success.

We spent the rest of the evening shopping, talking about what a delight Z-cakes is, and making fun of the hideous thing I carry around and call a "purse" these days. We stopped at a few different stores looking for that one perfect gift we want to get for Z-cakes (don't worry, the ladybug pillow pet has been procured) but to no avail. We ended up finding what we wanted on Amazon. At least we tried the old-fashioned-get-in-your-car-and-go-to-the-store-and-buy-a-gift route.

On the to-do list today:

Pack: We move everything on Saturday!

Sadly, my handmade gift list was cut way back when we found out we were moving. I'm still deciding what I think I can squeeze in before Christmas.

Elf. We bought this on Amazon last night and it came with a free 48 hour rental to stream. Sweet! N8tr0n and I watched it last night and Z-cakes and I will be watching it today. I'll have to resist the urge to answer all of my phone calls with "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?"

Z-cakes has been playing hard with this nativity set. Lately the focus is on the wise menand their camels. Right now I can hear her talking about a "camel party." Too fun.

What are you up to today?

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Bill said...


Hannah said...

This post was all about your boots, right? Cause they are beautiful.

Your daughter is hilarious. And darling.

YAY for moving!!!

michelle said...

I love that she sat next to Santa. None of my kids ever sat on Santa's lap! Or even sat next to him. Her conversation with him was hilarious. You've gotta love a girl who knows what she wants.

Moving is hard even when it's not right before Christmas! No wonder you had to cut back your list. Good luck getting packed quickly and settling in to the new place. How exciting to have Christmas in your first house!

michelle said...

p.s. What is that to-die-for polka dot get-up on Z-cakes?!

Nate said...

She also ordered a corndog, oranges and a cupcake at Red Robin.

ps. Don't order cupcakes at Red Robin... yuck.

Pink Little Cake said...

This is so sweet, sounds like my little girl when she saw Santa.

Rachel said...

I love your boots. Santa creeps out my kids too. Z is awesome. Lucy told me she misses her yesterday. She really likes that girl.

April said...

wait, wait, wait.
I saw adorable brown boots in that picture.
When did those come? Do you love them? Which did you end up getting?

Z looks so cute next to santa! What a big girl!

April said...

p.s. good luck with the move, I am so happy for you and your new house!!!

Laurel said...

I love the exchange between Z and Santa. Love.

We watched Elf with Will a couple nights ago. He loved it! It's the best.

Kendra said...

love the movie elf! and I also have to agree, love your boots! :)

Cassie said...

I have to admit I think it was a success too, I'm not sure on the 'whole sitting on the knee' thing either.

You are very brave indeed moving this close to Christmas, I really hope it all goes smoothly and you can enjoy your new home over the festive season.


PS: Love your boots in the first picture!

Erica said...

Seriously... love the boots (covet them for myself). Love Z's shirt (when did she get so big?) Love your Buddy reference (want to answer the phone that way, too). Cracking up at Z's conversation with Santa (I can just picture it). So excited for your move (Not the packing and moving cause that sucks...the new house bit). Sure love ya!

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