21 December 2010


Good morning!

So I wanted to clarify my previous post. The second picture is not actually us in our new house. That is a picture of us sitting in our empty rental, using the internet since we hadn't gotten it set up yet at our new house. I didn't post a picture of us sitting in our new house because it currently looks like this:


And the kitchen looks like this:


Yep. It's not pretty, I know. I keep thinking about how seeing all of my crap piled up in a room makes me think that whole "living with less" idea is worth a try.

So, anyway. I have to get back to unpacking boxes and standing around completely overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do. I'll catch y'all later. Also, if you're in the area and you're wondering if I need help, the answer is, yes. I do.



Staci said...

Here's my advice since I'm not there to help you in person: pick a room and stay there until it's unpacked. Don't wander and do a box here, another box there. I promise it'll make you feel better and inspire you to do another room...

urban craft said...

man, I think everyone is moving! me too, in a couple of months. Happy xmas, you can still celebrate in boxes!

Kimberlee said...

Mivanda- So sorry I haven't made myself availabe to help. With my mom being sick, Christmas on the horizon and Kate's wedding quickly approching I've been having to write "inhale/exhale" in my dayplanner. Just so I don't get blue in the face.

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