22 December 2010

Progress + Bye For Now

I am making some progress you guys.

So far I have put together:
our room
the bathroom
Z-cakes' room
half of the kitchen.

Today I will be finishing up the kitchen and moving into the living room—the most daunting space in our house. I am itching to get the packing all done so that I can start painting.

{house around the corner, Z-cakes calls it the "gingerbread house"}

Now it is time to sign off until January. In a few days we'll be leaving to enjoy Christmas with my parents. My list of things-to-bake is way beyond manageable. Just the way I like it. I hope you all have a wonderful and warm holiday. Thank you for reading, and commenting, and supporting, and generally making blogland a wonderful place. See you next year!




kylee said...

hope you have a marvelous christmas! good luck with the rest of your unpacking!

Cassie said...

Hoping you get everything done that you want before you leave for your family celebrations. Wishing you and your family the very merriest of Christmases and the see you all in your lovely new home in the new year.


Kelli said...

See you next year. Have fun unpacking (I actually like that part of moving) and have a wonderful time baking and a joyful Christmas.

Shelley said...

hello..i love your blog and the title !!! Have a blessed Christams celebration.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Enjoy time with your family! Love ya!

Emily & Jaime said...

Best wishes for the holidays!

marta said...

congratulations on the big move, my dear. i am so impressed with your progress!! keep up the good work.. and please take some pics for those of us living vicariously. xo.

happy new year!

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