02 December 2010

Guest Posting

Two weeks ago I was helping my mom make Sunday dinner while she finished making our advent calendar. As she slipped a sheet that said "talk about your favorite holiday memories" into the calendar, she lamented the fact that my brother and I probably only remembered her being stressed and upset during the holidays. Mom, nothing could be further from the truth.

Today I'm over at the The Mother Huddle talking about one of my favorite holiday traditions. Be sure to head over and check it out.

P.S. How much do you love the name, The Mother Huddle? Every time I see it I can't help but think of a bunch of mothers circled together setting up for a "ready...break!" Perfect.

P.P.S. How many of you have pictures of yourself as a kid in pajamas your mom made you? Please email me if you do.
I have been suddenly struck with an idea.



michelle said...

Loved this!

Also, my mom made me nightgowns, and occasionally even a matching one for a favorite doll.

Kimberlee said...

Fun to read your favorite memory, Miranda. Your mom's statement sounds just like something my mom would say. Which also would be very far from the truth.

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