13 January 2011

12 on the 12th :: January 2011!

12of12 _January11
01. N8tr0n bought me a new calendar from Paper Source because he is rad.
02. I think our living room is looking much better, don't you?
03. The last of my MAC Expensive Pink.
04. New 12 on the 12th feature: more pictures of moi.
05. I wish Cheerios would pay us for advertising.
06. The epic cake.
07. Kim is documenting 12 on the 12th too!
08. What is it with laundry and the 12th?
09. The snow on our deck hasn't even pretended to melt for three weeks.
10. Finally reading The Hunger Games...without stopping.
11. Grandma and Grandpa came a day early! Yay!
12. New embroidery book Yesssss!

I'm so excited that so many new people will be doing 12 on the 12th this year! Welcome Hil, Kim, Kricket, Sarah, and Marta!

Are you documenting your 12th? Don't forget to add your link here.



Charlotte said...

I could really go for some of that cake right now.

Love Hunger Games. Love MAC. Love the grid.

Hil said...

First of all, I am in love with your new calendar. Second of all, I LOVE the color or your walls in the living room with those red chairs! Third of all, I'm a huge fan of your hair color.

And lastly... I guess I'd better read The Hunger Game series.

Oh. And I want a piece of cake. :)

Cassie said...

How funny I had the same thought about including pictures of myself too, shame I wasn't brave enough this month!

Love the look of the epic cake and your new fancy calendar.


amy gretchen said...

your living room is so charming & love to see others playing too. cute photo.

i'm so glad you found yourself documenting. i guess a year of participating will do that to you. glad to have you along for another year.

Anonymous said...

Those red chairs are FABULOUS! Great peek into your day. Laundry has a permanent block on my 12th grid ;) Enjoy the rest of your week!

Laurel said...

I put myself in mine this month too! And that calendar is awesome. Can't wait for more pictures of your home.

Sarah said...

putting mine together now!

Bradbury Bunch said...

Don't I get a Welcome??? J/K!

So I LOVED doing this yesterday, but want my grid to look like yours. Do you use the same grid as Gretchen? I used one in Picasa, but I hate that people have to click on it to enlarge it. Any tips?

Amen to all the above about the cake! IT LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD! And you're a beautiful lady Miranda! :)


Cara said...

love the calendar - cute! And cake? I want some!!! It looks de-lish. Cute family.

chitarita said...

Cute hair, you!

Hannah said...

That cake. Oh my. It's killing me.

I got that embroidery book for Christmas! I'm dying to make make something with those darling Chinese dolls. I guess I should learn how to embroider first...

Your living room?? TO DIE FOR!

I'm participating this year too! It is now posted. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kimberlee said...

Miranda, thanks for the 12 on the 12th inspiration {and the cake!}. Love ya, my friend.

Serin said...

Your living room looks awesome! I totally thought it was an inspiration picture from a magazine!

I love the picture of you up top!

Miss you :(

kylee said...

definitely just did my own. thanks for introducing me to this lovely idea!

michelle said...

Love your calendar. The paint in the living room is spot on, it's gorgeous! Great grid.

Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art said...

dang crap! i was going to do the 12 the 12th for our family blog. too much going on....
LOVE the living room--walls + chairs = awesome. you should help me break out of my earth-tone obsession.
has anyone told you that your hair looks rather sexy? :) it does. go you.
hurray for the hunger games! you'll enjoy it. :) I know you hate "jumping on the bandwagon" (as do I) but sometimes,it's just worth it.

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