14 January 2011

Menu of the Week

chicken, beets, cake

Happy Friday everyone! I'm excited to be sharing our weekly menu with you. I feel like a few disclaimers are in order before we get started:

:: The menus I post are what we hope to be eating this week. It is what I grocery shop for and try my best to plan for. That being said, there are often weeks when I can't make it happen. For example, last week before our kitchen was really up and running we ended up eating frozen Costco lasagna, frozen Costco pizza, frozen PF Changs, frozen you get the idea.

:: I try to make one vegetarian meal per week. My arsenal of vegetarian meals is growing all of the time, but when I first started doing this, it was a stretch. Sometimes we eat vegetarian more than once a week, especially if we have run our to meat.

:: Speaking of meat, all of the beef that we eat (unless otherwise noted) is from my dad's feedlot. He gives it to us for free and we are incredibly grateful because it frees up a huge amount of money for our food budget. The beef is not grass fed, free-range, organic, or antibiotic free but it is delicious. And as far as being close to the source of our food, I can't think of anything closer.

:: Speaking of organic, we tend not to buy organic food, but we do try to buy fresh, quality, in-season produce.

:: Okay! Is that enough disclaimers? On to the menu!

BLT's (no explanation needed)

Spinach Pie (recipe below) and roasted beets + goat cheese

Pioneer Woman's tomato cream pasta and roasted broccoli (Fast and delicious. I've made it with shrimp, chicken, or no meat at all and loved it every time. I consider this to be one of those pantry meals. That is of course, if you consider cream a fridge staple, which you should.)

Chicken and rice with broccoli and scallions (one pot meals, at least one night a week, always seem like such a relief.)

Homemade Pizza (toppings: pesto, bacon, tomatoes, red onions or scallions)

Dessert: Sweet & Salty Cake (aka: The Epic Cake—more about this later)

Spinach Pie
(Courtesy of Rachel)

1 cup cheese
3/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp dry mustard
1/4 cup melted butter

Mix well. (I pulse in food processor) Pat into a greased 9 inch pie
plate and set aside.

1 frozen 10 oz package chopped spinach, thawed
1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup half and half (I just use all milk)
1/4 cup chopped onions
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg
3 eggs slightly beaten
1/2 C. Feta (optional)

Cook spinach, drain well, combine other ingredients

Pour filling into crust. You may want to put the pie plate on a
cookie sheet to make moving easier, and it catches drips. Bake at 400
for about 45 minutes.

Image 1 & 2 via Martha Stewart, Image 3 Miranda Walker




cook da bacon fo' yo' sandwiches in da oven! It'sso much easier an' easier ta clean up. Just line uh baking sheet wiff aluminum foil an' put bacon on it, then put it in uh cold oven set ta 400 degrees. In 17 minutes you've got phat bacon an' ya can just roll up da foil an' grease when you done! ya'll is mad stupid.

Cassie said...

Love the sound of the menu and would love to pop over for any one of your meals you have planned! Still looking forward to hearing more about that delicious looking cake.

michelle said...

Yay!!! I LOVE seeing what other people have on the menu. I have everything for that spinach pie and am totally making that. I love that PW pasta as well. I LOOOVE roasted beets with goat cheese (or blue cheese)! And that cake... I must have that cake. Is that sea salt sprinkled on top???

Hannah said...

1. THAT CAKE? I think you keep posting pictures of it to taunt me. As soon as March comes, I am calling you for the recipe. Sounds like the perfect way to end my sugar fast.

2. Hooray for free & fresh meat. What a nice connection to have!

3. Your menu sounds divine. Must not show my husband or he might be envious.

4. I never commented on your hair in your 12-post. Fabulous! You look stunning.

jt said...

1. Is that first comment for real? Huh.
2. I wish my weekly menu looked as good.
3. I am heart sick that I can't make the Epic Cake. Damn you Celiac disease, Damn you!!!

and I agree with a question I saw on your formspring- how do you stay so small baking so much? Unfortunately I love baking too, but it shows.

Andrea Mechum said...

I would love if you'd make this open to everyone. I'd love a weekly blogging community post all about feeding our families. "Here's my menu. Add yours in Mr. Linky below." I'd love to see yours and other's weekly menus. I need ideas. BADLY.

Your menu looks very very yummy!

Thanks for your fabulous blog. I am a lurker...

Miranda said...

Dear Phat Baconzz,
Raddest. Comment. Ever.

Miranda said...

Are you ready for my secret to baking and staying small? Here it is: I DON'T. It's a real problem. I'm sure we could talk about it at length.

Sorry about Celiac disease. As if that is any kind of condolence. I need to send you all of my quinoa recipes.

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