11 February 2011

Menu of the Week (kind of)

A "menu" of valentine-y desserts for the upcoming day of love...

:: Z-cakes and I will be perusing this site today to decide what kind of cupcakes to make for her birthday tomorrow(!). Remember when this had to go and happen? That cake still makes me sad. (P.S. I'm kind of already thinking about making her these.)

:: Summer had me drooling over these orange scones. I haven't made them yet but I trust Summer enough to share the recipe with you before I do. If she says something is good, it just is.

:: Molly's chocolate mousse is pretty much the best. Remember when Z-cakes and I made it last year?

:: This amazing layered fudge cake is not for the faint of heart. This is what I made when I want to impress my friends.

:: Sometimes it is best to keep things simple. My favorite Valentine candies are perfect if you don't feel like baking. (psst! I think I might try my hand at the honeycomb since I can't find any here!)

Okay! Happy eating too many sweets! I'm about to begin rushing around like a mad woman trying to get Z's birthday put together. Apparently I will not be able to sleep until I have made her a birthday crown. And trust me, there's no talking me down from this particular ledge.

Oh! Don't forget to charge your camera batteries. Tomorrow is the 12th!

And be sure to enter to win the giveaway.

And I'm done now.




Cassie said...

Valentines is just the perfect excuse to indulge in all things pink isn't it!

My, looking back, how much z-cakes has grown in a year - it has gone in a flash! Hope the crown is magical Miranda.

Kari said...

You're killing me! Who starts a diet the week before valentines? Me!!!
Those cookies are beautiful & recipes tempting...

Sarah said...

Let me know how your honeycomb goes! That is probably one of my favorite candies too (although I have always known it as seafoam).
Do you have a See's near you? They should carry it. Or if you are ever down in Utah - I think the BYU Bookstore carries it.

michelle said...

A pretty tempting menu!

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