04 February 2011

Menu of the Week

falafel, cake

Hi everybody! Anybody hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend? May I suggest PW's jalapeno poppers as a no fail appetizer? Well, I suppose they would fail if for some reason you ate all of them yourself before you could serve them to your guests. Believe me, it has crossed my mind before.

Here's what we're eating this week:

Slow cooker buffalo chicken sliders—perfect Super Bowl fare! Just like your fave crock-pot barbecue chicken but with a hot-pepper sauce substitute.

Falafel + whole wheat pita—we use this mix and love it. You might be able to find it in your grocery store's bulk section.

Homemade pizza—toppings: pepperoni + salami + onions + tomatoes. I've recently moved Pizza night to Thursdays so that we don't miss any of the very important shows on NBC (Perfect Couples, this excludes you). TV night is family night, you know?

Spaghetti—classic go-to dinner. I use my MIL's recipe with a few additions. I can't believe how long it has been since I made it!

Beef, Potato, Quinoa soup*—it has been so cold that most of the time all I want to eat is soup. For this recipe I'll substitue Paprika for the sazon.

Dessert: Devil's Food Cake—aka Company cake. No fail, delicious, and as I recently learned, even better the next day.

*Gluten Free**
**Why the gluten free recipes, Miranda? Well, I recently learned that I have at least four friends that are on gluten free diets. I decided to give them a little recipe love. You know, because I'm so nice.

Image 1: Martha Stewart; Image 2: Miranda Walker



Hannah said...

Ick. Gluten free diets are no fun. (Hi my name is Hannah and I'm allergic to wheat...and eggs and milk.) However...your menu looks fabulous as always. Happy Super Bowling.

Charlotte said...

Hmmm. I'm thinking that the Wilson home needs some company cake.

Femme Facetious said...

These posts always make me wish I were coming to your house for dinner :)

I'm making chicken fajitas tonight, which is only one of two nights this week I've actually cooked. Yeah. Slacker. But I am using the America's Test Kitchen recipe, which is the most awesome fajita recipe ever, so it's exciting times over here.

jt said...

You ARE so nice. And I love the gluten free shout outs and suggestions. Thank you :)

Cassie said...

I am now adding falafel to my list of 'put in pitta' now - they look amazing. Also wanted to say that I cannot have pizza without adding pesto to it now - thanks to your menu advise!

michelle said...

1. I just love knowing what is on other people's menus.

2. I had never heard of skinnytaste.com before. Thanks!

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