28 February 2011

Scenes from the weekend

It was one of those perfect weekends where we slept in without remorse, got a few things done, ate cake, and lost miserably in an Oscar pool (but that last one was just me). It certainly made up for Friday in which I chose to not participate in. (Thanks Rachel for instigating the contest to watch the most movies, successfully making my laziness justifiable.)


{scones + strawberry freezer jam}

We went to the Brooklyn's Park fundraiser on Saturday so that Z could get her bouncy house fix.


{sweet friends}

An unhelpful waitress at the pizza place we went to for lunch let us order way too much cheesy bread appetizer.

{too much}

{she was a fan of the apple beer}

{somebody please cut my bangs, I am begging you}

Z and I made cake because I knew I would want something delicious to eat during the Oscars.


{Lazy Daisey Cake}

N8tr0n studied for his differential equations exam while we watched the Oscars.

{too much}

And as I said, I finished off the weekend by failing miserably at guessing what movies/actors/actresses/sound editors/etc. the Academy might find exemplary enough to give a gold statue. This coupled with the fact that only weeks ago I WON a college football pool leaves me baffled. As a person who has watched many movies a pathetically measly number of college football games...I'm wondering what it could all mean?

Happy Monday Everyone. How was your weekend?



Hannah said...

I actually really, really like you sans bangs. You look great.

I didn't even watch the Oscars. (I am not a big movie buff, so only knowing 1 or 2 of the movies makes it not so fun.)

Congrats on winning the football thingy. That is too funny.

Rachel said...

I think you look great, seriously. No bangs is working for you, just go with it :) We had fun competeing with you and Z this weekend. It really did make me feel a little justified in being mega lazy.

Kimberlee said...

Get your little Oscar watching booty over here and I'll cut your bangs. Bring cake. :) Except maybe wait till tomorrow, cause Jace is major sick today.

Staci said...

Ahh - Diff E Qs... One of the most difficult classes I remember taking. Good luck with that!
The cake looks scrumptious. We made reubens and onion strings for our viewing pleasure. YUMMY.

R. Long Pyper said...

Yum — where can I get that recipe for scones? They look delish. :)

Serin said...

When I saw your picture I thought "She looks hot! .... wait, she doesn't like no-bangs? I wonder what I would look like with bangs? .... I haven't had my hair cut professionally since a few months after Brayden was born and I haven't had bangs since......"

Still waiting to complete that last sentence in my brain. Thought you'd like a peek at my random thoughts. ;)

kylee said...

you & your mad baking skills. i hope to someday be half as talented as you.

paws said...

Well, I guess I'm not the only one who thinks you look smokin' hot without bangs.

Jen said...

Look at the beautiful expanse of counter-top space.

michelle said...

Sounds like one fabulous weekend (with the exception of that homework, yikes!). Mmmmm, lazy daisy cake, it's been far too long...

p.s. if you have any of that left over, you can cut it into individual portions and freeze them in baggies.

jt said...

Ha! Like I ever have left over Lazy Daisy cake. I usually double the topping cause I'm an addict like that... Nate looks rather dapper in his blazer and Z looks so cute with her friend. :)
And I wouldn't know anything about those kinds of family weekends, sadly.

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