25 February 2011

This post is more like a place holder

Waking up to this


Changed my to-do list from:

Be super productive + do laundry!


do laundry. watch hulu.

Yep, even the color and italics changed in my head.

Have a good weekend everybody. I'll see you on Monday and I'll try to bring back the razzle dazzle.




Kimberlee said...

I even crossed laundry off the list. And rightfully so. So now my list looks like this:

I'm on strike until spring. I need spring. Or at least I need no snow.

Rachel said...

I am feelin ya girls. Same exact view our my window, only more snow and colder. I never thought I would wish for an Idaho February. I am going to go on strike today too....since you all are, Hulu sounds good. And Laundry, who needs it. Oh ya, me. Clean undies would be nice. And a towel to dry off with. Okay. I changed my mind. I can do a couple loads. I guess.

Hannah said...

Good luck with the laundry. Worst chore ever. I vote that husbands do it. Yes, laundry should be for the men.

We have snow too. Trying my best to enjoy it.

jt said...

And...why don't more people live in the Carolinas? 74 today, people. We played by the creek and went to the playground. Tomorrow: extended bike ride to feed the ducks and water ice for the girls. Seriously, why haven't any of my friends moved here?

Cassie said...

Winter feels well and truly behind us here so I would have loved to have awoken to that view!

Hope your weekend is a great one. xx

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