03 February 2011

There's a dollar store right down the street

In case you were wondering, three days in and February is already the kick in the pants rockin' party that I knew it would be. That is, if your kind of party includes an almost three year old who is totally okay with peeing on the potty but is absolutely no-way-no-how doing that other thing on the potty, nuh-uh. (Not even for another handful of marshmallows like she got that one time she did that one thing. How could that not work? My psychological expertise obtained in PSYCH 101 tells me that should work!) Do your parties include one of those? Mine sure does!

Anyway, I came to tell about the fun new thing we do called Crafternoon. I shall begin with our trip to: The Dollar Store.

You should probably know that for the last 10 years of my adult life I have boycotted dollar stores. And why is that? Well, I'll tell you. I don't honestly know. I mean, I thought for a while that they were maybe quietly taking over the world? Because they seem to rapidly multiply? And we could stop here and get into a long discussion about the unfounded fears I have of things that are taking over the world but I think it would be best if we just press on.

Okay. Dollar Store.

We needed some cold weather, staying in the house, cheap, craft supplies. And Go Fish cards. And so we drove to the nearest dollar store (which is quite near) (which I may use as evidence in my case about their world domination) and thus threw another crumpled soap box onto my ever growing heap of withering scruples. We started by strolling down the aisle of Valentine Decor where lo and behold a package of sparkly pink heart wands JUST like the ones Z's friend Brynlee had at her house! But we had to have them! THIS is where you find sparkly pink wands? I had no idea! And tell me, how is it that I have been a mother for three years and had no idea the affordable and enchanting wares that a dollar store possesses? How?

We left the Dollar Store with a package of wands, a pack of heart doilies, and a pack of the cheapest Go Fish cards my nimble fingers have ever tried (tried being the key word here) to shuffle.

We had to go to Fred Meyer for watercolors and they were not a dollar.

We returned to our house and got Crafternoon started with a quick three year old game of totally-lose-it-and-cry-in-the-entryway-because-I-don't-need-a-reason-why. Z-cakes was the winner. Her reward: hot chocolate and a wand on the big rocker.


But then! The real party started. It's called Crafternoon and it will be running all month long. Stop by if you're in the area.

{does that coloring page look familiar?}



N8tr0n has this unspoken policy about not letting glitter pass the threshold of this house. So, you know, maybe don't mention this to him.

Also, Crafternoons with Z-cakes are the best. That girl is a natural at "gwu and gwitter."

The End.



Cathy said...

I don't love glitter but my kids do. And I've got a 2 1/2 year old who will do her Number 2 business on the potty every single time but is perfectly happy with doing the Number 1 in her pull up. If we get our daughters together for a day we'd have one perfectly potty trained toddler!

JelliDonut said...

I wuv gwu and gwitter too! Looks like a fun day.

Staci said...

Does that heart wand have gwu and gwitter on it? If it doesn't, I think we've just discovered your next crafternoon project... But maybe add some feathers too.

michelle said...

Oh my goodness, could she be any cuter? I wish I could bring Eva over for a crafternoon with the two of you...

Charlotte said...

I just can't get over how cute Z-cakes is. She has the most priceless expressions. I would love to have Crafternoons. And really, glitter is the best.

Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art said...

Dude, I need to get more glitter. :) thanks for the inspiration.

Kimberlee said...

So sad we missed crafternoon. I love gwu and gwitter, too. Next week I wanna come play.

Emmylou said...

Everytime I walk into a dollar store, I totally think of you and how you would never ever in a million years set foot in a dollar store because they are taking over the world. Oh I remember this conversation well. :)

jt said...

I love your writing. A lot.
I am dying over your oilcloth tablecloth! I love those prints and I have not bought any. How many yards did it take to make that? (I am assuming you made it-)
I wish I could crafternoon too. I have no crafty friends here. Boo.

Cassie said...

When I was teaching the caretaker fell out with me over glitter! I think that sufficiently explains my love for the stuff!!

I would love to know what magic spells z-cakes can cast with her valentines wand??


Rachel said...

Dollar stores just take the guilt out of throwing crap away. Looks like a great crafternoon. And I am sorry to report the crying fits for no particular reason continue on even into the 4th year....so sad.

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