01 February 2011

The Welcome Mat

Welcome February!

Z-cakes and I are so happy to see you.

photo (1)

{Photo of Z-cakes and me walking to church, because we live only half a block from church! Yay! Except on this particular Sunday it was stake conference. Which means we were an hour early. And at the wrong building.}

On the agenda for February:
Plan Z-cakes birthday and talk about how her birthday is coming soon every single day.
Decorate for Valentines Day.
Celebrate some exciting news for N8tr0n.
Calm the hell down about getting the house put together.
Narrate it all right here.

XOXO Y'all.



Hannah said...

The way you put things makes me smile. You are a delight. So are your boots.

PS...will you be home this weekend?

Serin said...

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

Charlotte said...

Yay for February!

jt said...

I'm excited for February!
and I want to know the exciting news! (I don't like dangling teasers, as you've probably noticed.)

michelle said...

What? No rabbit, rabbit, rabbit?

Jessica @ Running With Scissors said...

are we in the same stake now? we need to get together sometime.

Cassie said...

Yeah for the short, fun, sweet month of February! Wishing you a fabulous one!

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