13 March 2011

March is...

rainy days
making cookies
bedroom painting
spring cleaning
50 degrees
girl scout cookies
dinner with new friends
tricycle riding
visits from best friends
pistachio cupcakes
flying kites
St. Patrick's Day Dinner
skinny jeans
garden planning
a blog break

I don't think I've ever been so in love with March. I've been waiting not-at-all-patiently for more spring-like weather and March has delivered. I don't even mind that it isn't sunny as long as the temperature is above the 30's, yo.

I've decided to take the rest of the month off from blogging. It's true. I've been trying since the beginning of the year to get some momentum behind my blog and it just isn't happening. Have you noticed? Since Z-cakes has given up her afternoon naps I've had a hard time balancing my time with her, time online, and time putting together our house. A break from one of those things feels like the right thing to do. But don't worry! I'll be back some time in April. I can't promise when but I can promise I'll be back. Please. Of course I'll be back. Do you honestly think I could tire of tossing out unsolicited advice on the interwebs? I hope you'll be here when I get back.

In the meantime:
you can always reach me via email. I'm not taking an email break because I'm not insane
you can keep asking me (anonymous or not) questions here
you can see what pretty things I'm perusing here

Thank you friends. For being supportive. For being understanding. And for being straight up rad. I'll see you in April.

Are you enjoying March? Have you ever needed a break from blogging?


jt said...

Chickens: Yes!
Skinny Jeans: Really? Not that I doubt your ability, I just don't think tat would ever be a possibility for me, sadly.
You better believe I will be emailing. Starting tonight. Catching up on my mental replies!

Rachel said...

March is a good month! I am so glad you are taking a break, you deserve it. I have definitely needed a break from blogging....I might need one now :) Love ya more than a swimming pool full of skittles!

also my word verification word is so cool this time botopodo....try typing it, it is a fun one. Wow, glad you love me inspite of my wierdness.

Hannah said...

Good for you! Yes. I've contemplated taking a whole month off. But I've been procrastinating. I think It'll be a summer month.

Have a wondrous break. We'll miss you and be anxiously awaiting your return.

marta said...

seriously missing you. hope your time off has been nice. i was recently away on spring break and kept thinking 'i may never blog again.. this is just dreamy.'

Christina said...

Just wanted to say I'm so glad it's almost March-end. You've been missed in the blogging world!

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