13 March 2011

12 on the 12th :: March 2011

01. This is the face Z-cakes made when I asked her to smile while playing dress-up.
02. Dear Key Bank, Thank you for giving us a free ipod touch.
03. Possible fabric for kitchen curtains.
04. Z-cakes calls them "cocobah boots" (polka-dot boots).
05. Playing with her ball while mom and dad work outside(please note the sunshine).
06. Spring cleaning started in the shed. This is where all of our crap high quality items will live while awaiting yard sale this summer.
07. Red Lobster for dinner. Hurray for no dishes!
08. I love getting magazines in the mail.
09. Let's play guess the home improvement store!
10. Continuing my young adult dystopia series kick (thanks, Jaime!).
11. I'm embarrassed to tell you how long I stared at this trying to decide whether or not to buy it.
12. The last piece of chocolate cream pie. I ate the crust first, because it is what I do.

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Hannah said...

I adore that first picture. Oh, my. That girly is cute!

And I love the curtains. Would you mind disclosing where the fabric is from?

Susan said...

I was really missing mother tonight and your chocolate cream pie was a little bit of comfort!


kylee said...

possible fabric for kitchen curtains should become definite fabric. big fan.

Femme Facetious said...

I see that you've been listening to the Raconteurs. I knew you were awesome, but now you're even more awesome, if that is even possible.

(i really need to do something about my jack white obsession...)

Serin said...

I have my pictures, just haven't made the grid yet.

Love the first picture and YAY for the ipod touch!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Love the boots! And, oh man -- that fabric for the curtains is crazy cute!

Rachel said...

I am so jealous that you ate at red lobster. Oh and you got a free I pod touch...LUCKY.(say like napolean)

Kimberlee said...

You did it! There was no doubt in my mind that you would pull through and get your grid done. Because I know you.

And also, Z's dress-up face is killing me.

Destri said...

that first photo...is totally making my day!

Lee Currie said...

Oh my, that face! Fantastic. Wonderful day :)

beck said...

what a cute kiddo! And I love that fabric!!

Sarah said...

Crust first huh? Sounds about right.

... I forgot again. I guess I will blame the fact that I worked a crazy night shift and slept until 4pm...

AmberLee said...

yea for sunshine!

and speaking of sunshine, love that fabric! i adore happy colors in the kitchen.

your little girl is a cutie!

jt said...

Z-Cakes looks like a cute old lady.
Free iPod touch? Jealous.
What's the fabric? Love it.
Jealous of the shed.
Your chocolate cream pie makes me wistful for several reasons...
Looks like a good day :)

Amy G. said...

That stinkface is to die for.

Love the kitchen curtain fabric!

Now I really, really want some chocolate cream pie.

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