07 March 2011

Monday Colors

Our trip to the quilt shop was exactly what I needed last week. Here are a few colorful shots from our outing.






Turns out I need these pictures today too since the weather report is gray and drizzly for the rest of my life. Okay, that's not true. I think the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow. I'll quit being so dramatic.

How are you? Is it sunny where you are?

Happy Monday Everyone!



dw said...

Drizzly and dreary here for the next two millennia here too!

Or two days. Whatever. Feels like the same thing to me.

dw said...

You saw this bedroom, right?


Yes? I thought so. Just checking.

Emmylou said...

I am loving that fabric and feeling the need to make a quilt soon! Which quilt store is that?

siberianluck said...

Not sunny - it's wondefully drizzly. Almost but not quite snow, I love it.

Jocelyn said...

sunny then cloudy! Those fabric shots are awesome...I am lovin all those colors!!!

Sarah said...

Love the yellow shot.
It's rainy/snowy here today. Hopefully the sun will come out later.

emily said...

I love love love these photos. So happy.

kylee said...

helloooo spring colors! as i sit here drooling over these gorgeous colors and patterns a massive snow storm is happening outside. depressing i know.

michelle said...

Good hell. It's been raining and freezing since yesterday. Then it turned to snow and we now have a couple of inches. It hasn't stopped.

I'm glad you documented your outing, because I needed the color as well!

j2 said...

I call trips like that "My Mental Health Trips" or "Going To My Happy Place"! Now, I need to know, did you buy them all???

Diana Smith said...

PRETTY fabrics! I love the greens, yellows and reds, they are soo lovely together!

Kimberlee said...

Was this at the fabric shop in Old Town? I want to hear more about your outing. What did you think?

jt said...

So pleasing. I hope you bought some!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I luuuuurve these colours! They're just stunning.

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