09 March 2011

Finally a House Tour: Day 1

Okay. I've been dragging my feet long enough. It is time to show you more pictures of our itty bitty house. I've taken to calling it "itty bitty" in my mind out of love, by the way. I really do love that it is small. You can go ahead and roll your eyes right now if you'd like, but if I were you I would save it for when I get all smug about how much we enjoy learning to "live with less." Just sayin'.

Anyway, if I wait until the house is more "put together" to show you pictures I might not get around to it until the house is up for sale. So let's just get started, shall we? Today, blurry photos of: The kitchen.


The kitchen is the place that needs the least work and could hypothetically need no work if I weren't so changey-changey about everything. But seriously, this kitchen, I love it.

{please tell me you love Z-cakes' new picture pose as much as I do}

The previous owner built all of the cabinets because that is what he does for a living. By the way, if you are in the area and you are thinking about getting new cabinets, call me—I know a guy.


These cabinets are piled high and deep, Bob. Plenty of room for giant plates, multiple waffle irons, and eleventy thousand cake stands. Well. No. Not all of my cake stands fit in my kitchen. But that is probably because I have so many waffle irons.

I practically had to clamp my hand over my mouth to keep from yelling "We'll take it!" when I saw this spice cupboard.

{hello spice cupboard of my dreams. you need organized}

The previous owner managed to fit a bite-sized dishwasher into this space and boy howdy am I happy he did. It is cute and makes a pretty dinging noise when I open it and has a drying cycle that lasts a million years.


My attitude towards this space is so different from the rest of the house. Instead of wishing that I could hurry up and finish it, or just get everything organized, I've found myself enjoying the process. Figuring out that I keep reaching into this cupboard for those bowls and why is that rarely used item in such a prime spot? I love that a tiny kitchen can also be an efficient kitchen. I love pulling a stool (a must have with the giant cabinets) for Z-cakes to stand on while she helps me make dinner. (She's scared of cracking eggs, by the way. Isn't that funny?) And I love that it is the very middle of the house. With so much to love it seems fitting that this kitchen is where I spend most of my time, don't you think?

Here are a few things that I plan to do with the kitchen to make it even more perfect.

:: Wash the window. Seriously it's gross. I can't imagine how much brighter it will be in there once I take off that layer of earth.

:: MORE LIGHT. I'm dreaming of pendant lamps and a million recessed lights because the one light in the middle of the ceiling is not cutting it.

:: Roman shades on the windows out of some absolutely perfect fabric that I will know when I see.

:: New rug beneath the sink. Not cream colored, duh.

:: Some nice shelves along the wall where the lonely calendar now hangs. I want to put my pretty cookbooks on display.

:: I'll probably repaint because I can't seem to not want to repaint. The current color is...fine. But there is something about it that I want to be slightly different. I can't put my finger on it though.

:: Subway tile backsplash. But now we're getting waaaaay out into someday people.

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite place in your house? And honestly, how many waffle irons do you think is too many?



bethany said...

Holy cow, it's beautiful! Those cabinets are amazing and i love the sink!

Pink Little Cake said...

Beautiful clean and organized kitchen. Thank you for sharing

Sarah said...

What a great kitchen. Doesn't seem to itty bitty to me. I love it. Beautiful counter tops. LOVE the spice rack. I need that in my future house.

Love the plans. Good luck.

Femme Facetious said...

I love love love your kitchen. Jealous of that spice cabinet!

I too evaluate the placement of various appliances and bowls and other items in the kitchen for the highest efficiency. I have probably moved the waffle iron six or seven times since we've moved in.

Cathy said...

I love the cabinets and the tiny dishwasher. I only have one waffle iron and I never ever use it.

Hannah said...

It doesn't seem tat small to me either. I don't like ginormous kitchens. I want everything to be accessible when I cook.

Beautiful wood!!

Rachel said...

Love those tall all the way to the ceiling cabinets! SO awesome. Do you have a neat little foot stool you keep around so you can reach the top? It is awesome Mandy, I am very jealous of your kitchen. I can see why you bought the house, you guys got a steal!

R. Long Pyper said...

How great to have a window over your kitchen sink, and isn't there a glass inset in the cabinets there too? I love that.

I have but one waffle iron, but as for cake stands ... I suffer from the obsession too. Can't ever have enough, but aren't they a bugger to store?

Kricket said...

You are so cute and so is your kitchen.

chitarita said...

Finally! I've been wanting to see your new place. It looks most excellent. Congrats again!

Jessica said...

I love the hardware cup handles! Having a kitchen you love makes the house! What a great huge window too.

marta said...

gorg. those cabinets really ARE dreamy.. and i love the countertop too. i love that this kitchen belongs to a gal who loves to be IN the kitchen. hoorah.

p.s. z is adorable.

Tiffany said...

Beautiful home! I have a crush on that spice drawer. Like, major.

jt said...

Hoe big is your house? Mine is an itty bitty 1,100 square feet. I really do like little cozy houses. My only complaints are the lack of storage and the nearness of Fiona's room when she is napping. You have to be very quiet when her room is only a few feet away. I can almost vacuum my whole house from one outlet in the center of my house. Sweet!
And i definitely don't have those ceiling height cabinets, or that counter space.
Can't wait to see the rest!

Nate + Carlee said...

Wow! Little did I know that you were hiding THIS gem of a blog from all of us that keep up on your family blog. You are SO, SO crafty. Seriously, I NEED you to live by me again so you can teach me how to cook and decorate and sew and all of those other amay-za-zing things that you do. I did hear a little rumor that you live in southern Idaho though, and I may or may not be coming to the bustling metropolis of Downey in May with Andrea (sister-in-law). We should get together! (If you live there that is.) Your little one is SO cute by the way. How do I order one with curly blond hair like that?

Susan said...

A charming kitchen,indeed! Perfect for ceiling paint!!

I'm so happy to know a fellow cake plate collector. I kid you not that I think I have at least 50...every size and height. I'm not sure either one of my daughters will want too many of them (for the storage issue) so I'm happy to know someone who might have a desire for inheriting some of them! I was obsessed for a few years collecting them, and around here there was plenty of choices. One more reason I love the history of the East.

Your darling home is calling my name to see the rest.

Your kitchen definitely looks like the heart of the home!

urban craft said...

hooray for non mansions!
And those huge homes are a bitch to keep clean. Plus they scream greed. Why do 3 people need 3 bathrooms and 5 bedroom and 3 fireplaces?
Your home is lovely and I bet uber comfortable. Well done!

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