13 April 2011

12 on the 12th: April 2011

Yesterday! Oh the glorious wonder that was yesterday! The forecast turned out to be completely wrong and the sun was shining all day long. Z-cakes and I were in heaven. I even took my jacket off while we were outside. You guys. I haven't taken my jacket off since October!

Although this wasn't a particularly exciting 12th, I still loved taking pictures of it. It is nice to finally feel like we have a routine; both in our new town and in our new house. Days when nothing exciting or out of the ordinary happens are sometimes the perfect kind of days, don't you think?

12of12 _April_11

01. Every morning I make breakfast for N8tr0n. It is usually something elaborate like a bagel.
02. Then Z and I take our time waking up while N8tr0n gets ready for work.
03. Breakfast for Z-cakes consists of either yogurt, oatmeal, or cheerios. Today she chose yogurt.
04. Then we say good morning to the baby chickies.
05. We went to the grocery store and used the self-checkout.
06. Z-cakes decided to decorate the back steps with her chalk art.
07. And I worked on a project for our entryway.
08. While Z was having "quiet time" I mad Big Soft Ginger Cookies.
09. We had the missionaries over for dinner.
10. And then took the baby chickies out on the lawn for the first time.
11. The weather was STILL nice so we set up one of our new compost bins. That's right folks. The Walkers are taking their composting to the big time.
12. I packaged some cookies for someone at church.

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Hannah said...

I love your day yesterday. Much better than mine! Oh, your chickens!! They are so cute! Those cookies look fab and your little sidekick is adorable.

I only took one picture. And then C threw up. So, I might do 15 on the 15th in a couple days. :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats an ordinary extraordinary day :) Glad it was a good one!

Megan said...

Cute baby chicks! I'm sure they are fun to play with.

R. Pyper said...

Can't wait to see your project with the picture frames. :)

Christina said...

I agree- I find most often the days when nothing out of the ordinary happens are my fave. Love those cute chicks! And no jacket!

laurie said...

big, soft ginger cookies?! yum. sounds like you had a great day to record. :-)

Kimberlee said...
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Kimberlee said...

It looks like the baby chicks upgraded from the old cardboard box to a suite at Hotel Tote. Lucky ducks. How's the coop coming along?

And I'm loving your choice of picture frame color. It's going to look fab.

kylee said...

i've decided that bagels are quite possibly one of the best breakfast foods out there. i'd be happy with a bagel every morning. looove that you had the missionaries over for dinner! everytime i see missionaries i seriously get so excited. they are the best. and your cookie packaging? adorable. as in you could sell that cutenes.

Holly said...

Oh to have baby chicks!! What FUN!! I'd want to watch them and hold them all day long.

You did a great job documenting your day--it's good to pause and capture the ordinary moments--at least once a month on the 12th.

I love ginger cookies too. I went on a spree at Christmas time and baked them like crazy. Hmm...might be time again...

Sam said...

Hey! I love your 12of12 and your blog! Looks like a busy day in the life of a mama, for sure.

Jessica said...

love the chick shot!

michelle said...

Fabulous day. I love those cookies. Love. And any day that includes baking is better.

How fun to take the chicks outside!

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