22 April 2011

Earth You're a Wonderful Wonderful Planet

Happy Earth Day everyone!

:: As a semi/fake hippie, I try to do something small to celebrate Earth Day. I think it is a nice reminder that God has blessed us with a beautiful place to live and He expects us to take care of it. Here are a few things on our To-Do list today.


:: I've been excited to see this movie for a while. We'll probably wait to go until tomorrow so that N8tr0n can come along.

:: Have you seen Google's clever banner yet? Be sure to mouse over the animals!


:: Even though it is going to be cold outside today, Z-cakes and I will be taking a nature walk. (Which will basically be the same walk that we take every day except I'm calling it a nature walk. More exciting!) I also plan on choosing an activity from Jennifer Ward's fun book, I Love Dirt!

:: We still have some work to do on our new compost setup. (More about this later.)

:: I'm thinking Z-cakes should have her first cup of worms in dirt dessert.


:: And to finish off the evening, we'll read one of Z-cakes' favorite books before bedtime. We got this cute book when Z was just a baby. You know as well as I do that it is never too early to start brainwashing your child.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend filled with family, deviled eggs, and peeps.

Do you do anything to celebrate Earth Day? Any especially exciting Easter plans?



JelliDonut said...

I Love Dirt--what a great book!

Jake and Weston said...

We love that Eco-Babies book here too! Enjoy all the nature you can find today!!
Sarah =)

Rachel said...

Your such a tree hugger!!! Sounds like a good day though, and I love your guts despite your granola cruncher status. I secretly want to be a cruncher someday :)

Katharina said...

Well, I think you're bona fide, you hipster.

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