18 April 2011

Scenes from the weekend

Behold, our weekend:


On Saturday N8tr0n made some planter boxes. Square-foot gardening here we come. He also mowed the lawn. Productive, right?

That night we went to the Monster Truck Show with what appeared to be the entire state of Idaho.

Oh yes we did.


On Sunday Z-cakes dressed monochromatically and got her craft on.


And begged for strawberries.


N8tr0n and Z-cakes built a roost for our baby chicks (who are now more like tween chicks) to have in their Rubbermaid house.


We had pancakes for dinner. I also made pizza dough AND strawberry shortcakes. Because I am rad.

And then the kitchen looked like this.


The End.



j2 said...

Trying to convert my hubs to sq. ft. gardening...took years to convince him that raised gardening was cool. This summer three of my herb boxes are going "dirtless". I am counting on them to convert him! Actually, I am dragging him kicking and screaming into sq. ft. gardening!

Jocelyn said...

LOL...my kitchen looks like that most days too:-) and yes, you are rad!!!

Hil said...

Wait... how did you get a picture of my kitchen? I love that you went to the Monster Truck show. I swear everyone in Idaho but us went. Really. Everyone was talking about it at church on Sunday and or posting about it on dear old facebook. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!! Yay for garden boxes!

dw said...

SHAZAM! Look at you! You're farmers.


jt said...

I am excited for you to do SQ Ft gardening. I want to do it sometime, but now is not that time. Look at you all sustainable-like with your Sq Ft gardening, chickens, and compost bin.
I am not however, jealous of the monster truck show.

jt said...

p.s. how did you get your pictures from the truck show to look so cool?

Rachel said...

I loved loved loved your weekend! Looks like fun, wish I could have been there with the rest of Idaho, and you of course! So sad we did not get to hang out in Idaho. Soon okay!

Hannah said...

Am in love with garden boxes. They make the yard look so tidy. And yay for lawn mowing. (That should have happened to our jungle of a yard. But it didn't.)

You look lovely in the monster truck picture. I actually think that sounds kinda fun.

Jordan and Jandee said...

Pizza dough and strawberry shortcake. definitely rad.

Sarah said...

I love that sometimes other people's kitchens look like mine. (That was really bad grammar, but to be honest, I don't know how to say it correctly!)

Do you have any leftover pizza dough for me?

Jen said...

Yeah for square foot gardening!! What a productive day!

Kimberlee said...

The chics are already tweens? Seriously? How did we only see them once when they were cute little baby chics? And, I'm way impressed that Z left the earplugs in. Did they stay in for the entirety of the show? And also, thank for the music suggestion today. It was just what I needed to get my paint on. xoxo

michelle said...

You guys are just so cute. Love the shot of Z with her ear plugs in.

I really wish our lawn was mowed over the weekend...

Staci said...

OK - thank you for posting this so I don't feel so bad about what my kitchen looked like while you were here!

And I promise to use "the filter" about telling you who I didn't date.

Did you line your raised beds with anything? I found another post that put chicken wire on the bottom to keep critters out. Thinking I may need to do that.

What do you suggest to keep the bigger brown & black critters out of the top?

Funny thing - my word verification is "stica" - it's all the letters in my name just flopped around.

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