03 May 2011


Check out the new addition to our backyard!


That's right. That is MY chicken coop in MY backyard. This is not an inspiration post. This is an actually happening in my backyard right now post. You're jealous, right?

On Thursday night my dad delivered the coop that he built from scratch. My dad happens to be the kind of guy who, upon realizing that his daughter needs a housing structure for her chickens, goes and builds one. Even if the fact that his daughter wants to keep chickens leaves him wondering where he went wrong as a parent.


As you can see this coop is a high quality item. The hinges and pin for the door were custom welded by Mr. My Dad and there is tons o' room for the ladies to roost and get their nesting on. This coop is also one heavy mother and took the strength of six men to haul it into our yard. Because, let's face it, there is no way any kid of my dad's is going to raise chickens in some trashy lean-to. The thought is simply unacceptable.

{inside coop}


Right now the chicks spend their days outside and their nights inside in their Rubbermaid palace. We are excited for the day when they get to go outside full time which will probably be in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

When Jen was here she informed me that my coop must have a name. And I was all, "what the what?" I didn't know it had to have a name! I'm currently accepting suggestions. That along with a few more touch ups (painting the frame, connecting a pulley to the chicken door, building the nest boxes) and those chicks are in business. Four very lucky ladies if you ask me.

So what do you think? Seriously, my dad will want to hear how awesome you think the coop is.



paws said...

The flooring on that coop is nicer than what's in my house!

Hil said...

Holy crap that is a nice coop. Well done Mr. Miranda's Dad!! Seriously, that is probably the nicest chicken coop I have ever seen. (I won't tell you I have only ever seen two in my life... but STILL!)

It's so nice in fact that the coop needs a name of Cluckingham Palace or something to that effect.

Lay those eggs ladies! And don't get eaten by the neighborhood dogs.

Megan said...

The Chick Inn!

Angry Chicken Knits said...

I love the coop! That is just like the one I am hoping to build for my little chicks! Your dad did and awesome job.

Kimberlee said...

I say you name it The Eggery or Fudcluckers.

And you already know that I'm on your dad's side about the whole chicken thing...you're a tiny bit crazy. But that chicken coop makes me think it's a tiny bit LESS crazy and whole lot of awesome.

Your dads rad!

Deidra said...

Nice work, Ken. Handy dads are the best. I have inside info on the matter!

dw said...


HOLY! That is the top level of AWESOME! I am so totally gobsmacked that I can't even begin to think of a name. HOLY GEEZ. And yes, I am positively green with envy over here.

Also, you are so totally RAD.

(The Eggful Tower? Get it: Eiffel, Eggful? Ok never mind. I suck.)

Jason & Makenna said...

I love it! Definitely one awesome coop! Kudos to Ken!

Sarah said...

What a nice coup!
I like the Chick Inn that Megan suggested.

Charlotte said...

You and your dad have got me seriously impressed over here!

jt said...

Handy dads are the best, you know I am jealous, and I will have to think about a name and come back. Your dad did a great job, really.

siberianluck said...

Battlestar Galaticoop

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Totally awesome chicken coop! Wow! What a great dad you have.

I'm with Cluckingham Palace, suggested above...! :)

Erin said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Amazing, simply amazing. I just emailed it to my hubby and told him we HAVE to attempt to make something as spectacular next summer when we have the guts to get our own chickens! Way to go Dad!

j2 said...

I would expect nothing less from a man who would haul a huge upside-down Christmas tree home from SLC for his wife's friend! What a man! I suggest the Poop Coop...I have been around chickens!

R. Pyper said...

Whoa, what a coop! Your dad's the man! I told you we were moving back to Idaho, and guess where we ended up? Right next to a pheasant farm, and those birds are beautiful. It's the next-best thing to having chickens. :) Still feeling a bit jealous of you, though.

Katharina said...

I vote for a flashing neon sign designating those palatial digs as "Mother Clucker's House".

But maybe don't tell Z-Cakes that.

Staci said...

Do you think you can put in a plug for your dad's favorite niece (well at least the wife of one of his favorite nephews?) I could really use a bike rack around here... Do you think he'd come visit me if he delivered it?

And second I totally think that coop deserves a quilt painted on it. You know - like the quilts on barns thing?

Jaime said...

Ah!!! I'm so very jealous! Just today Tyler and I were wondering about logistics of it all, which resulted in him saying, "whatever--I totally know you are going to get chickens some day anyway." :) You, my friend, shall be my mentor. See you oh so soon.

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