04 May 2011

Tis the Season


I bought an entire flat of strawberries on crazy sale last Saturday. They are beautiful. The majority of them will be turned into jam and the rest will be used for Z-cakes' snackies and possibly some fresh strawberry pie for Mother's Day?

By the way, I'll be making my jam sans commercial pectin which is a first for me. I'll be using this book for help. Do any of you have experience in this department?

Many thanks for the chicken coop love. Also, the names you suggested were hilarious. Keep them coming. Yesterday our coop was inspected and approved by the city. Huzzah! Now we can legally have the birds that we already own! In breaking chicken news: I just watched one of our chickens fly out of the Rubbermaid, onto a nearby hamper, and halfway up the stairs. No joke.



Kel said...

oh man, I love strawberries! I'm really excited that they are almost in season for us in N. Michigan. YEAH!!!

Julie@Contemporary Pluss Creations said...

Didn't get to comment about the coop yesterday. It is totally awesome. Quite fitting for fowl! Also it made me laugh because in Switzerland they have a grocery store called "Coop", like co-op (I think) but when we were there over Christmas, we all called it the Coop (one word).

And yes, I have made strawberry jam sans pectin and it came out great. Am a big fan.

jt said...

I would like to hear more about the pectin-less jam. Fiona would be in heaven with a whole flat!

Charlotte said...

Even though I freakishly don't like strawberries, I am very excited for you! Strawberries just signal spring and summer, don't they?

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